Alastair Stewart hits back at odd response to his heartbreaking dementia news

GB News: Alastair Stewart announcing his dementia diagnosis

Alastair Stewart has hit back at a social media comment claiming he is “overplaying” his recent dementia diagnosis, following an appearance on TV to speak about his devastating health news.

The X user responded to Alastair Stewart’s post about the interview with: “Dementia is evil. I know what you are heading towards.

“As you are still so articulate I think you are overplaying your own, current, position. I am currently deeply involved in this ultra/difficult area.”

The legendary newsreader quoted the comment and simply added: “An odd one among more lovely ones…”

The 71-year-old newsreader appeared on GB News on Sunday to speak to Camilla Tominey about his recent diagnosis.

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In the candid interview, he admitted it has been a “difficult” time ever since he was diagnosed with early-onset vascular dementia.

Alastair had previously written on social media that: “I did the interview with @GBNEWS because they have stood by me, been kind and supportive. I asked if @CamillaTominey could do the interview because I rate her very highly and trust her.”

Whilst Alastair was met with support for being so open about his diagnosis, this user was criticised for their insensitivity.

“Very odd Alastair, for someone ‘involved’ in that area, they should be well aware that each individual has their own path with the illness,” a user called Mount 07 responded, before adding: “Very thoughtful interview with yourself and Camilla, and I look forward to your reporting from the new Westminster studio.”

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Opening up about his recent diagnosis, Alastair told Camilla: “About six to nine months ago I began to feel, one of my favourite words, a bit discombobulated.”

He said his short-term memory had become “tricky”, as well as his motor skills.

The veteran broadcaster, who is famous for his work with ITV News and GB News, announced his retirement in March this year.

After presenting local and national headlines in a career spanning almost 50 years, he is Britain’s longest-serving newsreader.

While there is currently no cure for dementia, Alastair is taking matters into his own hands.

He said: “I want to reduce my commitment while I’m still ahead as an old broadcaster, rather than an ancient one.

“Thankfully the timing is mine; I just want to spend more of it with my family, my horses, and the charities that have meant so much to me over the years.”

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