Russell Brand Joked About Hooking Up With Women Who Aren't 'Awake' & Told 15-Year-Old To Have Sex Party – LISTEN!

Not again…

Another vile recording has resurfaced showing Russell Brand joking about rape. In a clip from his former BBC radio show The Russell Brand Show, the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star can be heard encouraging a 15-year-old girl to host a sex-themed birthday party back in 2007.

The Channel 4 show Dispatches — one of the outlets that published the initial bombshell report accusing the 48-year-old of rape, sexual assault, and abuse — shared the clip on X (Twitter) on Monday. In it, Russell can be heard saying this to a young caller who was asking for ideas for her 16th b-day party:

“I suppose you’re 16, you can’t really drink booze yet, or any drugs because that’s illegal. Now, you will be legally allowed to have sexual partners. Now, I think you should theme the party around legal sex.”

The female caller awkwardly laughed along as he went on to suggest she make the party vampire-themed (or a masked ball, as his co-host Matthew Morgan pitched) since he thinks it is “in its way, erotic, but in a suppressed, suitable way for a 16-year-old girl.” Jeez…

And in another clip from the show the same year, the Hop alum also joked about sleeping with women no matter their state of consciousness! Seriously?! He said:

“That’s the policy I use for women. Hello, there’s a woman. Let’s not get bogged down in things like age, race or whether or not they’re awake. Just get over there, and give them the night of their lives.”

So disturbing!!

BBC told the outlet they are “urgently looking into the issues raised” and have removed the actor’s content from its streaming platforms, adding:

“We have clear expectations around conduct at work, these are set out in employment contracts, the BBC Values, the BBC Code of Conduct and the Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy.”

But, ummm, it’s been 16 YEARS! Why are they just realizing this content is problematic AF?!

And Morgan, Russell’s co-host on the radio show, also released his own statement, saying:

“I stopped working with Russell Brand several years ago. During the time I worked with him, I was never aware of allegations of serious sexual misconduct against him. I absolutely condemn all forms of mistreatment of women. Looking back on the time I spent working on radio at the BBC, I am regretful to learn that a show I was part of made colleagues uncomfortable at times.”

Grown men should NEVER have been talking to a teenage girl about sex, let alone laughing about sleeping with women who aren’t awake!! And the fact this wasn’t even a one time thing is EXTRA concerning! You can hear the shocking conversations for yourself (below):

Whether or not the comedian’s actually guilty of the allegations he’s been slammed with (which he has denied so far), he can’t deny having said all this…

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Jokes or WAY across the line??

Let us know (below)…

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