Drew Barrymore Writers REFUSE To Return To Show Even After WGA Strike Ends!

The writers strike is over! The problems for Drew Barrymore may just be beginning…

The Never Been Kissed star infamously announced she was bringing back her daytime talk show last month — weeks before the WGA and AMPTP finally came to an agreement, ending the historic strike after 148 days. (SAG-AFTRA are currently negotiating their own new deal.) If Drew had only waited it out a bit more, like the late night hosts, there would be no problem. But she couldn’t.

Understandably, many writers AND actors were upset, seeing this as scabbing. Drew’s show employed writers, and she wanted to bring it back without them — or pay actual scabs to come up with bits or whatever — instead of standing in solidarity with her fellow workers against unfair pay and tech issues. Drew first defended the move — then finally backed down to pressure from basically everyone who actually makes things in Hollywood. Heck, even the National Book Awards dropped the Scream alum as their next emcee!

So now that the strike is over? Well, it turns out there are consequences. The show is now returning on October 16, but it’ll have to do so without THREE head writers. Per The Hollywood Reporter, WGA members Cristina Kinon, Liz Koe, and Chelsea White have all said HELL NAW to coming back after what Drew did.


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When the show was first coming back, the trio revealed they found out not from Drew or other colleagues — but because the show posted about audience ticket giveaways on social media. It really feels like Drew and crew were trying to sneak past their WGA writers. And they didn’t forget. All three writers, who had been on the show since Season 1, decided not to return. Baller.

Apparently they’re doing interviews to hire new writers now. Something tells us plenty of other WGA members will have a hard time looking themselves in the mirror if they were to get a job on The Drew Barrymore Show after all this. We just wonder if some actors will also refuse to do the show when it comes time to plug their new projects. We mean, it’s not like she’s the only game in town when it comes to talk shows.

Do YOU think there will be lasting consequences for Drew? Or will it be forgotten in a matter of days, 50 First Dates style?

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