Sean Strickland Attacks Dricus Du Plessis in the Crowd at UFC 296

Sean Strickland and Dricus Du Plessis had the most memorable fight of the year at UFC 296 … thing it, it wasn’t in the octagon.

Sean was cage-side for the eventing when Du Plessis, who was sitting behind Sean a few rows, started smack-talking him.

Sean Strickland, Dricus Du Plessis

Sean then got out of his seat and pointed his finger at Du Plessis, as if he were firing a shot. Du Plessis was clearly up for some action, telling Sean with his hands to bring it on.

Sean Strickland, Dricus Du Plessis

Sean then goes ham, and asks the son of UFC fighter Gilbert Burns to move, which then cleared the path for Sean to jump over a couple rows and start attacking Du Plessis.

Sean Strickland, Dricus Du Plessis

This is all the lead-up to what will probably an epic fight between the 2 guys next month at UFC 297.

They were also at the UFC press conference Friday, where they had to be separated.

Good promotion!!!

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