Alison Hammond finally ready to get married after years of ‘cold feet

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Alison Hammond has opened up about her changing attitude as she’s “getting to the age” where she would like to commit to a partner and get married.

The This Morning presenter, 48, revealed that she had previously gotten “cold feet” when faced with the prospect of marriage, but now wants to “let go” of her trepidation.

She confessed: “I think as soon as I hear the word marriage, I get cold feet. I think I’m just one of those people. I always think there’s something better but get a bit nervous to know ‘that is it’.

“I just feel like I’m tied down and I don’t like it, when really and truly I’m getting to that age now where I think, ‘Alison, let go – it’s OK to settle down’,” she added to Gyles Brandreth on his Rosebud podcast.

Alison also clarified that she was never married to the father of her son, Noureddine Boufaied.

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The Great British Bake Off host was in a relationship with the cab driver around the time of her Big Brother stint in 2002. She fell pregnant with Aiden, 18, three years later.

Alison continued to Gyles: “A lot of people think I’ve been married… I’ve never been married… It was the perfect time but I don’t feel like we were ready.

“[Noureddine] had the most beautiful smile and that’s what I fell in love with… Aiden’s got that smile as well.”

As for why she hasn’t felt the desire to get married up until now, the Birmingham-born star explained she “loves her own company”.

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She added: “I absolutely love my own company. I have no problem with being on my own. In fact, I really quite like it.”

“I think that’s why I struggle in relationships because I don’t want somebody around me all the time. I absolutely love being on my own. I’m OK with it. I’ve never felt lonely.”

Gyles Brandreth’s Rosebud podcast launches this Friday with incredible guests including Miriam Margolyes, Dame Judi Dench and Nicola Sturgeon.

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