Shawn Mendes Groceries Fall Out of Trunk as He Unloads

Shawn Mendes faced a produce catastrophe while unloading groceries at home … because his food took a tumble right out the trunk!!!

He finished up a grocery run Thursday but experienced the mishap in his driveway when he went around back to grab the goods out of his Range Rover — unlucky for him, the items came pouring out of his trunk, with the bag tipping over entirely.

Shawn, who’s still rocking his beard, tried his best to catch the falling grub, but to no avail. It all went down as his driveway’s gate closed on him … with, arguably, perfect comedic timing.

Shawn eventually came around the front to pick up the rogue potatoes before heading back inside with the salvaged food.

It happens to the best of ’em.

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