Paris Fury pulls children Venezuela and Prince out of school and insists they wont return

Paris Fury has revealed that she is taking her two children, Venezuela and Prince, out of school, with plans for them to be homeschooled.

Paris and her husband Tyson Fury share six kids together and have a seventh on the way.

Paris took to Instagram to share the family update as four of the children prepared to go back to school, while their eldest Venezuela, 13, and Prince John James, 11, will be taking on Traveller tradition and will be homeschooled.

The mum-of-six told her followers: “Tomorrow will be the first day all four little ones are in school/nursery and the big two with a tutor for homeschool. Roll on Friday”.

Paris opened up about their Traveller traditions in a recent interview, where she said the family are bringing them "into the 21st century".

Paris explained: “We finish school at primary age, which is the traditional Traveller way. We've just brought the tradition into the 21st century. Venezuela wanted to leave school and all her [Traveller] friends were leaving”, The Mirror reported.

According to the publication, she had said they won't be forced to go back.

The Fury family also gave fans an inside look into their hectic lives on the Netflix seriesAt Home With The Furys. The series follows the life of world boxing champion Tyson, 35 his wife Paris, 33 and their six children – Venezuela, 13, Prince John James, ten, Prince Tyson Fury II, six, Valencia Amber, five, Prince Adonis Amaziah, four and Athena, two.

The show follows the family as Tyson tries to embrace retirement by stepping away from the ring to spend more time at home, but it's not as easy for the champion to hang up the boxing gloves as he first thought.

As Tyson makes a subsequent U-turn in retirement while talking openly about his mental health issues, the show also sheds light on parenthood.

While The Gypsy King has made his fortune and is estimated to be worth around £50 million, that hasn't stopped him from wanting his children to understand the value of money.

Wanting to normalise their lives as much as possible, Tyson said: "For me it's very important to stay close to my grassroots as I've got a lot of kids coming up, I've got five kids, very important for them to know the value of money.

"It's very important for them to know how to earn money. So, if they see me splashing out all the time and living a movie stars' lifestyle they grow up thinking that's the only way they can live.

"To earn from a normal job, £200-300-a-week, however much they're going to get, they might think that's no good if they've been spoiled rotten by multi-millionaire parents", he said.

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