Leonardo DiCaprio, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Attend Same Art Basel Party

Leonardo DiCaprio, Ivanka Trump and her hubby, Jared Kushner, all showed up at the same shindig in Miami … the question — can and/or should polar opposites mingle?

Check it out … Leo arrived alone to Casadonna Restaurant Wednesday night and a short time later Ivanka and Jared walked in arm and arm … all celebrating the kickoff of Art Basel.

Leo, sporting his customary baseball cap, is a die-hard environmentalist and liberal. Ivanka and Jared … not so much.

We don’t see real interaction between Leo and the Trump/Kushners, but it’s not a huge space so it seems avoiding each other all night would be super difficult.

The country is so divided there’s a sentiment anyone who dares to interact socially is a traitor to their cause, but should that be the case? So we ask …

Should Leo Socialize With Ivanka & Jared?

Nevertheless, a good time seemed to have been had by all.

leonardo dicaprio

Meanwhile, Leo was seen out and about Wednesday in the Miami Beach Convention Center during a VIP tour of the Art Basel event, which officially starts today.

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