Made in Chelsea newcomer Lauren sparks feud with Willow as she makes a move on Harvey

Made in Chelsea newcomer Lauren has sparked a feud with Willow after she made a move on Harvey.

Willow and Harvey have been dating for some time but split recently, with Harvey then showing an interest in Lauren – who was delighted when he asked her to 'share his beer' and they also shared a kiss.

It was also revealed Lauren spent the night at Harvey's and she told pals such as Olivia Bentley that Harvey had asked her on a date, but said that she'd not spoken to Willow about it.

Lauren shared that she's heard that Willow has been talking about her behind her back, using words such as 'low-rent' and 'cheap' to describe her.

She then cheekily said: "I can do whatever I want at Raffles, with whoever I want."

Olivia later informed Willow that Harvey and Lauren were out on a date together and it was also shared that they'd kissed.

What Bella claimed that Willow had apparently said about Lauren also came up at the dinner table, leaving Willow fuming as she said she'd never said the words.

She ended up in tears and left the table, saying: "I need a minute," as Olivia rushed off to console her.

Willow joined the cast of Made in Chelsea in 2022 when the gang headed to Mallorca and has been a regular member of the cast ever since.

Whilst Made in Chelsea was being filmed in Corsica, the cast learned that Willow and Harvey had been sleeping together, whilst he was supposedly in a relationship with Imogen.

Lauren, on the other hand, joined the cast of the show for its brand new series, which launched on 9 October.

Prior to joining the show, she said: “I’m super sassy, can be dramatic and can’t wait to join the show.”

Lauren is half French/half English, however, she spent her childhood living in different countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Mauritius, due to her dad's career in the hotel industry – hence her American-sounding accent.

She's also been to Bangkok, Cape Town, and then Barcelona for high school, before settling in London, where she now lives.

Lauren is a successful model, having worked for the likes of Boohoo, ASOS and PrettyLittleThing.

Before joining the show, Lauren was already friends with much of the Made in Chelsea cast, including Rez, Emily and Tiff, and Ruby.

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