Jonas Brothers Reunion Was The Beginning Of The End For Joe & Sophie Turner's Marriage!

We were totally shocked to learn Joe Jonas was filing for divorce from Sophie Turner. But according to a few insiders, there were signs for quite some time. And if what these sources have to say is true, it seems like Joe being back in the Jonas Brothers was the beginning of the end for the couple.

We know, it’s a bit weird — Joe was in the band back when Sophie was in grade school, so it wasn’t anything new, right? Well, it kind of was for her. See, she started dating the singer in 2016. All the JoBro hype was more… residual. This is different. Even when the Jonas Brothers first reunited in 2019, the same year Sophie and Joe got married, it wasn’t necessarily a full-time gig. And the pandemic really slowed down any momentum they had to jump to full-blown touring again. But then, well, vaccines and re-opening, and… concerts were back on the menu. That was apparently when the couple started to diverge. One source told Us Weekly in their new issue:

“Sophie didn’t want to always be ‘the Jonas brother’s wife.’ She didn’t want to go on tour and do everything together. It’s not her personality, and she wanted to keep their family separate from all the Jonas Brothers hoopla.”

The insider explained:

“Being a mom on the road is not easy, even when you have unlimited resources. It was just hard for them to settle into a regular routine because of Joe’s career especially.”

Right! She was a mom of two now AND planned to keep acting. But having to follow the JoBro caravan around, she might have felt like, well, kind of a groupie? It certainly wouldn’t have been easy for her to have her own career!

But that was just the big wedge. Things got worse from there.

A Sophie source says she didn’t like how jealous Joe was getting — especially when he was the big flirt!

“Sophie says Joe was too controlling. She also said Joe liked to flirt a little too much while out in public, but then he wouldn’t like it when she would get too close to her male friends. It was clear their marriage was crumbling.”

It seems to have been that jealousy that fueled the so-called “smear campaign” against Sophie right after the divorce filing. The first insider says:

“Sophie was essentially painted as a party animal. She was shocked and hurt.”

Since then Sophie has filed her own legal response that makes it clearer what she’s really focused on — moving her kids to England! She sued Joe, saying he was refusing to give up their passports, even citing child “abduction” laws!

Innerestingly, one Us source confirms Sophie’s claim that Joe had agreed they’d eventually live in the UK, saying he did it because “he wanted to make Sophie happy, and he supported her because that is where she wanted to live.” But it’s not what he really wanted? Oof, don’t make promises you don’t mean, that’s a BIG marriage no-no! Empty promises stop arguments now, but they plant seeds for HUGE FIGHTS down the road!

The source says Joe “is hoping they can come to an amicable agreement” but Sophie is “dead-set on moving to the UK full-time.” So they’re both digging in their heels and getting ready for a war. Another source told the mag:

“Nobody thought things would get this nasty between Joe and Sophie. Friends are hopeful they can be mature for the sake of the kids, but neither one is going to acquiesce to the other. This could go on for a very long time.”

Sounds like it. How could a family court possibly decide the future of these kids?? It’s a rough situation, that’s for sure. What do YOU think will happen??

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