Chinese beauty standard

Article about Chinese beauty standard… Information about Chinese beauty standard…

European beauty

This article about European beauty… The more you think about all this, the more you want to say something to someone. You could stand up, but itd probably be best just to lie down. The pain would be tolerable, but wouldnt go away. You lie downNothing good can come from talking. You lie down on […]

Whole foods beauty products

Information about Whole foods beauty products… Heeeey, fuck you Skincare Brands from Whole Foods. Youre going to be out of business soon if not sooner. Your products are full of shit and they dont work. As you finish your sentence, the two of them grab your arm again and force you to join them in […]

5’7 celebrities female

Article about 5’7 celebrities female… AnonymousI know you think this is all just the worst, but I think its important to tell people. I think its time we tell people the truth, because you have been doing a pretty good job of keeping it covered up as of late. But-But I cant take out the […]

Beauty standards in america

This information about Beauty standards in america… Beauty is determined by the body shape, s, of an average American female. Look about the same as the average Ugandan woman, but better than the average Zimbabwean woman. Your average American woman is either beautiful or she isnt. Your average American man is beautiful or he isnt. […]

Korean beauty standards

Post about Korean beauty standards… The Korean beauty standards have changed over the years. You continue, as you watch the lights of the city. All you feel is the cool night air. The city has changed so much since you last left it. You can never quite believe it happened. In the span of less […]

Photoshop celebrities

This post about Photoshop celebrities… And its not just people who work in the music industry. For instance, you were supposed to do a cover for a magazine, but the main artist wanted you to do her cover. So, you ended up doing a cover for her instead. It was really cute, but you didnt […]

Across the world, our ideas of what makes someone beautiful vary…

This post about Beauty standards around the world… A womans face has a a nice, large, round, and symmetrical face. A beautiful woman has a symmetrically shaped face and a perfect chin. A beautiful woman with a big nose and small mouth is a standard of beauty in Thailand. The opposite type of standard is […]