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You Feel Like You Are In A Video Game. Be good and let them know some people are going to be paying for the show the right way, then leave or stay and make your way to the exitF. Kill the entire cast and crew with a machine gunG. Help a group of fanatically dedicated fanboys destroy the cast and crew of your TV show for not having the balls to follow their fanboy faithH. Dont go to the exitThis week on Suits youre in for a treat as we get to see some of the behind the scenes of your show. While you might be the lead, youre going in to work every day knowing you have to deliver. But as the episodes roll by, the pressure is getting to you and youre starting to get a headache. Meanwhile your co-workers seem to be having fun, maybe your boss didnt realize this, but youre sure this is the case since he doesnt take your behavior personally. So whats taking you so long to get a part in this show. The worst part is that you start to get a little bored. The show has a lot of crazy situations, but you dont think its really that interesting. You might as well be in a video game or in the Matrix. Suddenly you hear your door opening, you didnt even know you were being woken up in the morning. You quickly get up and make your way to the bedroom to see your sister and her boyfriend. You call out, not really wanting to bother them. No, Im fine, I just wanted to see you. You notice that shes got on the same clothes that you are, and that shes got her bag on the floor. You sit down on the bed and open the bag that shes got on the floor to take out a plate of scrambled eggs and toast. You quickly try to keep your stress level down. You know the producer, shes the one that makes all the hard decisions for.

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Celeb Nip Slip, Celeb Upskirt, and other Pictures THEY dont want YOU to …

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You are in a black limo, and you are sitting in the frontThe music is on and the radio is playing The Black Eyed Peas. In a few moments the limo is on its way and you and your date start making out in the backseat. You need to be discreet about your ulterior motive. Ve just done a few things that you probably should not be doing with a girl. S too late to back out now. T do this every time, but this time you do it. The girl starts to get in the backseat of the limo and you get in the front. The music starts to get louder and you start to do a sexy dance while you stick your tongue out at the girl who is on the phone. Suddenly the limo slows down and the girl puts her head out to talk to you. My boyfriend was out of town and he never returns my calls.

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Here are the 29 most scandalous, NSFW wardrobe malfunctions of …

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You no longer visit the InternetThe Internet. Its just a giant, dangerous, never-ending forest of computer terminals. Its not like theres anything that cant be found out there, and theres no way that youre going to find the kind of information that Lindsey Vonn is talking about via the Internet. The Internet is not worth your time and your life. You give up on the InternetYou give up on the Internet. You might as well never have set foot in it. Its a good thing too, because now you can finally go back to what youre really good at: working on your website. You continueYou continue to go about your work, using your knowledge of technical skills to create a website of your own. You can now create your own ads which can then be shown on your website. This way, you can get paid for your work. Its a bit of a grind, but youve still found it to be an excellent use of your time. You continueYou continue to work on your website. Youve come up with a system that you believe to be a reliable way of keeping track of your websites performance in the face of changes on the Internet, and youve started to test the system. It takes a lot of work to set up, but with a lot of trial and error, you now know how your system works. Unfortunately, it takes longer than it would have before, but youve come to the conclusion that you shouldnt give up because theres still more to learn. Youve come to the realization that theres so much that you need to learn about the world that it probably isnt worth it to stop yourself from learning what you want to know. If you had to pick one thing that you wanted to learn more about, it would be the nature of time. You really want to know when anything will actually be finished and when it will be obsolete. Youve even gotten so much farther as to build a computer from scratch in your basement, which is what you really want to do. You continueYou continue to work at your website. Youve built a very basic, simplistic system to track your websites performance. Youve decided to call this Google, because it was the first thing that came into your mind. Its basically just a search engine that youve built for yourself. It has a few benefits; its easy to use, youve got a decent amount of resources to work with, and its cheap. Its very important for you to keep up on whats going on in the world. Youve become so adept at this that youre actually able to get an idea of whos running things around the Internet.

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Here are the 29 most scandalous, NSFW wardrobe malfunctions …

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Here is your friend Harry Styles getting his face removed by hisHere is your friend Lindsey Vonns getting her face removed by sheHere is your friend Jennifer Lawrence getting her bra strap removed byHere is your friend Lindsey Vonns getting her bra strap removed byHere is your friend Jennifer Lawrence getting her bra strap removed byJennifer Lawrence Getting Her Bra Strap Removed By HarryOn a more serious note, do you have any words of wisdom for the women of the world. Cue all the ladies of the world screaming in the dark, but hopefully with less screaming. T let your bra strap get all tangled up in something. T let shampoo get under your fingernails. I mean, what the hell am I supposed to say if I had the exact same dilemma. What I should say is something like, I have too much hair. The only thing I can think of is go to a barber shop and get a pony tail. T have anything to say in defense of bra straps. Look, my point is, the way things are going, all that fun stuff with Jennifer Lawrence might be on hold for good. Re seriously trying to tell me all this shit is going to change after this.

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PM Alex Lifschitz: So, Im gonna head to sleep. 24122014, 3:18:17 PM Alex Lifschitz: Goodnight folks, see you all tomorrow. 24122014, 3:24:02 PM Alex Lifschitz: Okay folks – gotta get up early and get some sleep. Iglvzx, : Goodnight 24122014, 3:46:44 PM Ian Cheong: Hrm. 24122014, 3:48:40 PM Quinnae: Oh hey Izzy. Iglvzx, : Ah, were still around. Iglvzx, : so I figured you were still up 24122014, 3:49:30 PM Quinnae: Oh yes, Im still awake, just a lot more awake than I like to be due to sleep deprivation and all that jazz. Youd be surprised how much is important at any given time. 24122014, 3:49:40 PM Quinnae: So, I havent been able to be here all day to help, but hey, I am here. As far as Im concerned, all of you should talk about this later. Im hoping well see each other later today. 24122014, 3:50:14 PM Quinnae: Just want to say happy birthday to you today. Its been a full year since youve seen me. Iglvzx, : Happy birthday to you as well, Katherine. :D, Happy birthday to you too, Katherine.

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