Dorinda Medley Felt Ramona Singer Was ‘Insensitive’ to Her on ‘RHONY’

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Hard time for a housewife. Dorinda Medley has had a difficult time during season 12 of The Real Housewives of New York City and her longtime friend, Ramona Singer, hasn’t been her biggest support system.

On the May 21 episode of the Bravo hit, viewers saw the pair trade some personal insults, with Ramona, 63, claiming that Dorinda, 55, “takes people down all the time.”

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“I felt like Ramona was a little insensitive to me for what I was going through this year,” Dorinda tells Us Weekly in the latest episode of ‘Getting Real with the Housewives’ podcast. “I needed a soft place to land, and I needed her to be more of a soft place to land than I felt like she was being.”

Dorinda has been openly dealing with her split from longtime boyfriend John Mahdessian, mourning her late husband, Richard H. Medley, who died in 2011 and dealing with the massive flood at her Blue Stone Manor.

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“Ramona was very critical of me bringing up Richard. Critical of me going through what I’m going through, critical of whatever,” Dorinda explained to Us. “And you know, Ramona and I have been in each other’s lives a long time and gone through a lot of things. I thought she would be more empathetic than she was.”

The Massachusetts native and the Life on the Ramona Coaster author appeared to patch things up on the latest episode, but she can’t say the same about her feud with Tinsley Mortimer.

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“Obviously we didn’t end well, but I never really saw Tinsley when we weren’t filming,” Dorinda told Us. “You always wish you’d handled these things better, but you know what, as I always say, that’s how I was feeling at the time.”

The Real Housewives of New York City airs on Thursdays on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET.

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