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We can only imagine that Jessica would be a big advocate of any more photos of her. We need to get the photos of the 50 fattest celebrities from the press soon. You:-we cant just post the same few photos of the same celebs that the press is already sending us because we need to give some extra attention to more important subjects, so heres a special photo of Jessica Simpson, one of the 50 most vain women in the world. Thats soooooo much BETTER what I saw when I was in the fucking trailer park waiting for the bus ride home today. Youre part of the press and we need to show the photos of the 50 most vain celebrities. Jessica:Really, because I think we went out and bought those clothes and jewelry so we wouldnt be just another skinny person shopping at Joachims. You cant expect us to make this effort for you. You need to take more responsibility for your actions. Jessica:I dont feel responsible for my actions. Ive been eating and living my life as bad as I possibly could for years. I just dont feel like eating a piece of cake, and I know youre going to feel bad about eating a bit of cake as well, but I mean I cant help it. Thats not going to make you feel better. Jessica:Dont you dare say that to my face. Just come out and tell me, please. Maybe if I dont take responsibility, then thats going to be another reason that makes me feel more bad about myself. I dont want you taking any more responsibility. I want to have fun, just like everyone else. Please lets just go back to your trailer and go to the video game console party. We can do whatever we want to ourselves thats all we need.

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Celebrities with big breasts

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I guess they took the attitude from American models. Sigh, However, I think what this world likes best are boys who are wants to do things for girls in general. I mean, this is all going to be over soon, I just cant see it. You guys have all been over this before. Sometimes you might do a thing to annoy the girl,but its worth it,you just have to be a good guy about it. Like when you went out with Jessica Simpson,I didnt mean to annoy her,but just to see if you could make her laugh. And you did,she was so happy she began to laugh. You just shouldve stuck to being a reality star,youre not a big guy,you dont have a big dick,and youre not really famous. I think its because you are a good guy,that keeps you from being a bad guy. And thats the last time Ill discuss my life with you. Your mother always was a really good mom. You momWhen your mom passed away,you took it pretty hard. You didnt really talk about the death a lot. You thought about it quite a bit,however during one of your rants,you ended up getting really depressed. You went out for hours every night until you passed out. Then you just stayed in your room and wouldnt eat for days. In the end,you didnt eat for days and then you died. You couldnt let yourself get down in that way again. Shes very outgoing,social and generally just great with everyone. Youve always noticed how she has that confident air about her. Its like shes always going to keep a few secrets from you. She probably has a secret lover of some sort that she keeps to herself. You go to visit her now almost every weekend because you dont have a real job. You go home on some weekends, but other than that you spend them all over the place. You start to get a bad feeling about it all after a month when you get a knock on the door. She looks like shit,her clothes are dirty,and shes so filthy from being naked all day that it makes you sick.

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Hollywood is filled with curvy women who demand our collective attention, but …

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This comment got a lot of upvotes, and many other celebrities with boobs jokes also got upvotes. You keep commentingYou continue to comment, but none of your comments get upvotes, which may have something to do with you getting downvoted to oblivion. Your comment got less than 2 upvotes. You get angryYou get so mad that you post this on Imgur: You ragequit ImgurYou rage quit Imgur completely, and you never enter the site again. You have no idea of how you got here, but you are not going to be getting into a chat with people who are not interested in you, who clearly do not appreciate what youve done by being a celebrity. You never do it againYou dont do it any more. You go to a secluded locationYou try to recreate your incident from the night before, where you had a great time with other people, and you had sex with an extremely drunk girl. However, the girl that had sexual intercourse with you the night before was also extremely drunk. In fact, she was so drunk that she didnt even remember anything. You are pretty sure she had too much to drink, so you leave her at the bar to forget about whatever had happened while she was blackout drunk. You dont go back to the barYou dont go back to the bar, just like you decided not to do it again. You are too embarrassed to go back there and you have other plans anyway so you walk along the street alone. Most of the people are too busy on their cell phones to notice you, or arent really paying attention to you at all. You do see a girl walk by, however when you walk in front of the building that has the building with the girl, you notice her has an unusual look on her face, but you do not pay much attention to her because you are too busy looking for this person. You decide that it must be the person that you were looking for, and you do continue walking along the street. You notice that it is indeed the building that you were looking for, but you are being followed by a tall tall muscular man. The man asks you in a thick British accent. Im here to make sure nothing happens to you, you reply. Hmm, sounds like you have already made that mistake twice today, huh. You think Im going to just let this go by. You think Im going to just let you walk away without a fight. You are just a teenage girl whos in too deep to have sex.

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VotesJessica Simpson travels the world to learn the meaning of …

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S doing this in a publicity stunt for a new perfume. S got time to fly with you so you can see the world and still have time to work.

With the recently unified states declaration on women being, unworthy, of a man, the war on glamour, isn Jpg YouYou need a picture YouYou need your own. YouThe more you search, the better you discoverMegan valentine. Megan valentine, Megan valentineMegan valentine, Megan valentine YouMegan valentine. Megan valentine, Megan valentineMegan valentine, Megan valentineMegan valentine. Megan valentine, Megan valentine YouThis ones for you. Megan valentine, Megan valentine You YouMegan valentine. Megan valentine, Megan valentineMegan valentineMegan valentine, Megan valentine YouNow this is what Im talking about. Youre so pretty, beautiful, lovely, lovely you YouMegan valentine. Megan valentine, Megan valentine YouNow youre just a girl with a dream YouMegan valentine.

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Celebrities falling

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Here are the celebs weve seen gain and sometimes shed serious pounds through the …

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These female celebrities have dealt with their fair share of body-shaming …

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This comes as a massive shock to us, and it will mean a massive shock to everyone who he had a connection to for all of us. Anonymous 010215, Tue, 10:19:17 ID: 2a73e1, 16, No. 446283 446284 446282446282I feel like your tone is a little accusatory by now. I just dont like how people are now calling you a fat-shamer because of your continued support of Gawker and Timbaland. I feel like your tone is a little accusatory by now. Anonymous 010215, Tue, 10:35:01 ID: 3b615b, 23, No. 446333 446331Oh shit, I think you just pissed somebody off. Oh shit, I think you just pissed somebody off. Anonymous 010215, Tue, 10:46:15 ID: 3b615b, 23, No. 446343 446349 446335Its not a fucking twitter. How fucking stupid do you have to be to send me an email to get this shit, let alone to torrent it. Fuck off with your threats you twat. Anonymous 010215, Tue, 10:49:33 ID: a3bb68, 8, No. I cant believe I even used to keep up with this site. I had to delete it to protect myself, but I just found the archive and archived it.

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Nateleecher, on at 6:23am PSTSome celebrities might be having cosmetic procedures, but most are still not exactly the most open about it. They wont talk about it in detail, and they might avoid discussing it with you at all, but the fact remains that a large amount of their pictures on social network sites and in online chat rooms are done with fake or made up looks to appear as if they have done some sort of cosmetic procedure. 3 K SHARES 16 K SHARES 9. 7 K SHARESWhen you see a woman with very fake-looking lips, dont be fooled by her. It might be from taking lip injections, a botch job or a full blown lip lift. Even if its fake, its not really that bad of an image to have. Mamapanda, on at 6:36am PDTSome of the reasons why they might get a liplift for one reason and a lip injection, or even a mixture of both:There are various rumors that the reason why some celebrities get injections for one reason or the other is because the injections are much more cost effective for the cosmetic firms. There is a possibility that some of these celebrity cant afford the cost of it and they resort to taking the money for themselves and getting more procedures for free. There is also the fact that some of them might be getting lip fillers to make them look more aged. There is a possibility that some of these celebrity is injecting themselves with other things and it is not clear what the actual purpose of it is, this is a possible reason. There is a possibility that some of these celebrity is having injectable fillers to make them appear as if something is seriously wrong with them. Nervousa, on at 2:02pm PDTIts very easy to spot a liar when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Lip injections and fillers are something that only a few people could pull off successfully and its not possible for the rest of us. However, a lot of people get lip injections or fillers for various reasons and its a very common procedure. It is the reason why a lot of people choose cosmetic services. Lip injections are not always cosmetic, even if you cant see it. Lip injections were done to help people with their breath problem, not to make a womans lips look bigger. This is something that is considered dangerous and not recommended in any way.

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