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You glance down, watching as the door to the carousel opens and closes. Then you nod towards the door of the carousel. Wow, youre a pretty boy, Eliza says. You say Alright, let me get my bags. Okay, alright, Ill wait outside, Eliza smiles and waves you away before the door opens up and you enter. Eliza stands in the middle, the horses around her, and two other girls come up to the carriage. Eliza gives one of the girls a big hug, then takes a seat in the front of the carriage, which is currently turning around. The girls, who you recognize as Mary and Sarah, look up at Eliza and wave them goodbye. After a few minutes of riding, you hear a horn call out, The carriage will be leaving shortly. You should keep up your pace. You say I live in a place called the City of Lost Magic. Yeah, thats the name of my home village. Can I stay at your friend Helens house. You say I think that place is really fancy, anyway. Well talk about that after you get there. When you reach Helens house, the first thing you notice is the house itself. It was really nice, like something out of a fairytale. The house is made of sturdy wood, with lots of nice decorations. The front door has gold-embroidered flowers on it, as does the front railing. On the entryway, theres a knight in shining armor wearing a big crown and holding a lute. In the garden is a giant knight with wings on his back, holding a large umbrella in one hand. You sit down in a big couch set up in the sitting room. The two girls who come up to the carriage wait by the door, carrying chairs and tables.

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All the best,The M H teamClick to expand. About this mod This mod will add new textures for the leather armor sets from the Dark Brotherhood, including the daedric armor. This mod will add new textures for the leather armor sets from the Dark Brotherhood armor sets, including the steel armor, which is currently in the game files and not used as such. Extract the files from the archive into your main OblivionData folder. Known Issues:The daedric set currently only has two different pieces of leather armor for the chest, leaving the armor looking completely flat, though it appears to have some heft, History:I wrote this up in the Morrowind Style Book. 1Added a new piece of leather armor added by the Dark Brotherhood, a daedric set. The armor has the same look, if not the same feel, as the daedric mail armor, though I think it fits better in that its not as heavy. Also added all the other pieces of leather armor added by the Dark Brotherhood. Also added the robes added by the Dark Brotherhood. This week, I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in a Reddit AMA, Ask Me Anything The AMA allowed us all to get to know each other a bit better, and answer questions from our fans, so lets dive into the questions. You can find the original AMA thread here. Not books or movies, but just regular peopleIn case you missed the answer to the previous question, let me give it right this once: I prefer writing about real, interesting people. I would choose Harry Potter, because I spent most of my life being utterly obsessed with the man, and I actually spent time with him and his friends. Other than that, I enjoy the classic works, as long as the characters are well-written and the plot is not too convoluted.

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You are staring at each other with your eyes and nostrils flaring and a pulse of heat pulsing up your body. It is a slow, awkward thing that you are doing, but you are definitely responding to Philip. You continueYou feel the cool air on your face and hair as Philip speaks, but instead of responding, you continue focusing on the sensation of the other. Well be living in the castle until were on our way to Canada. I want you to save Aurora from harm, okay. I want you to save Princess Auri, and I want you to save me. You feel the fire in your blood rise, and you begin to think about the details of his plan. The Prince needs to find out where the portal is, then he needs to find the Princess and the Warrior. When he arrives, he has to attack them while they are still bound to the portal in an attempt to destroy them, then he needs to escape the area as quickly as possible. You go with Philip and the PrinceYour instincts tell you to go with Philip at this point, but you need to have some information first. You go to the window, feeling the heat of the sun on your face. Ive never seen you before in my life. You say it as if it was the most natural thing in the world to say. The Prince is about the only thing that keeps you from falling to your knees, but you know, deep down, you are afraid. You feel like you are about to weep on the spot. You can go with me with the Warrior and Princess Aurora, or you can stay with him. You ask, unsure of whether to be surprised or not. And Phillip smiles, knowing what you mean, and nods, turning his attention to Aurora. I dont care where you go, as long as you dont die in the process. After were gone from this place, we are getting off that boat.

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You say You dont need anything from hereYou keep turning around, trying to remember what you saw yesterday afternoon. S not there, you just need to go in, make sure the building is empty and then head over the park. T really have a lot of money to buy gifts from there. But I suppose you could always try to have an affair with one of those strippers that walk around downtown. Re going to get rich, but we could at least get enough to take you somewhere nice to spend the money. You head towards the parkThe next morning, you head out and see a familiar figure at the park. A beautiful young woman who you imagine is from the nearby university you used to work at. You watch as she talks to a couple of other guys. T remember their names, but she smiles at you. Re her first true customer ever. The way her mouth curves upward shows that she is very happy to be here and probably thinking about her friends on the weekends. You enter the park and head towards the university. You notice the street lights and try to make out the buildings through them, but the dark made it hard. You see a red light and decide that would be the bar. You say and leave the park and head to the bar. When you get to the entrance, it seems to be already empty. You look around the small room and see several drinks and a few people milling about. You head to the barYou walk forward and ask the bartender about the bars specialties and favorite drinks. He smiles and nods and tells you to have a seat. T allowed to talk to the bartenders, only to the customers. You say feeling a little bad and explaining that you just want to have a drink. He looks over at some of the people drinking and the bartender looks back at you, Oh, well.

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I dont see why we should keep waiting for the rest of you to get here. Prince Phillip:Oh I thought about it, but there was no point in waiting. Prince Phillip may be short tempered at times, but after an hour, he gets a lot less short. Aurora:Well, if thats all, Im off to have fun. You and her ride away from the castle and after a bit of talking, she makes her decision. You tell her why you picked herYou tell her how you know shes the only one you want and how shes an interesting girl, but not your type. You tell her to have funYou tell her that itll be fine as long you go back home. So long as you go the back way, you feel itll be alright. You ride homeWell, there it is, just as you wanted it to be. You start riding home, though this time you decide to do it slowly. You at night after riding homeIts nearly midnight and youre almost home. Youve ridden home slowly for an hour, but youre almost at home, so you give it one more stop and rest your horse. You just wish you could rest a bit more. You run off your preyYou run your horse away and ride on your knees away from the undead creature. You can hear it howling like its in pain and growling. You dont want to get ambushed againYou dont want to ride away from danger again. As you race home, you ride through a little village. Youre tired and hungry and youre just ready to get home. But youre too far away from home. As you come closer to it, you realize you dont like this way of life either. You leave homeYou leave the village, just like you did yesterday and you remember what it was like living in it.

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You need to move onYou could move on to the next big thing and use that money for a vacation and a spa treatment. Or you could try to save even more money and try to save money online. S a good opportunity to see what else there is to Ulta. And also to see if there can be a better deal elsewhere. So you sign up for Ulta and then you order a few items. When you get your order, you are impressed by the speed of delivery, and they did deliver, And then you realize that the price you are paying, for a gift for yourself, is a lot higher than you would be paying online. S a plain brown box, no note, no card. When you open the box, the first thing you see is a small bottle of sunscreen and an orange tube. T want to bore you by telling you my story. I will just say that I am a fan of horror movies and I think you are a fan of horror movies. I am not sure why that is, but it only seems right that I include my gifts under that heading. In our home, we have a small collection of horror films. The basement is not really the most chill place, but who cares right. We are currently watching The Blair Witch Project, which I assume you are a fan of. I did not expect you to be so specific, but I am happy that you were, otherwise i do not think the gift would have made it to you in time. Since I have to go now, I will leave you with one movie that i think you should watch. Your SantaAs you read the note, you realize what this Santa did to you. You are in awe of how much thought and effort went into making this gift. As you open up the first item, the sunscreen you suddenly feel the rush of cool air hit your face. You watch through the first item as you open.

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Princess AuroraS name is-D andAuroras name;D, Prince Phillip:DThis entry contains several incorrect spelling, grammar, and word usage problems. None of them are fatal, but they are still annoying to read. You turn your head and get out of bed. You go through the usual routine of getting up, putting on some clean clothes, cleaning up your room, and trying not to think about the day as you go about your day. You have the week off today so it is a nice day to just go about your life until the weekdays start up again. Just before dinner you go through the routine and check your inbox and texts. After clearing your inbox, you go through your bedroom to get into the mood for bed. Turning on the lights, you head back into your room and try to put on some music. As you are doing this, you notice there is a message on your phone. Youre so beautiful You open itAs you continue to turn on the lights and adjust yourself to sleep, you quickly see a message.

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Re going to take the fucking pills with you, alright. Put your ass in one of those automobiles and drive. Re going to have to do it or the Devil will, so you better be prepared. What I suggest you DO, is follow me into the basement. S going to be something there that will help your situation. T make you put on the makeup and all that, the Devil can. Re going to like going into the basement. You follow the Priest as he leads you into the cellar. You almost question where the hell the Devil is, but you get the distinct impression that the Priest is telling the truth. As soon as you walk through the wooden door, the Devil appears. He looks like a cross between a demon and a really big man. M afraid that I am not able to bless you with a greater gift. Re not trying to steal my soul, because that is one hell of a price. You say and pull out a small black stone with a black stone ring on it. T think you can get that black stone, so what are you here to get. T belong here, you belong further down the goddamn rabbit hole.

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You go to the Beauty ShopYou dont need a science degree to figure it out. The Beauty Shop is the only place in town that makes the products you like. You know it just makes sense to go to them for that and more. You enter and see the counter filled with different products. The shop owner is a tall woman with long curly hair who looks very pretty in her fancy dress. The girl you are with looks at the store and doesnt say anything. You do though so she knows your intentions. She looks like she wants to go inside too, but she doesnt have anything at the moment. Welcome to the Beauty Shop, Im the owner, Miss Nala. You say So, where do I get these nice things you sell. The girl looks at the counter and realizes she doesnt really know where to look. You know a lot about these things, right. I even can make something good for you. You know, I used to sell the things here back in our home town on the Island. You still have some time to get your stuff in before the shop closes early. Well help you out however we can. You have to keep such a big place stocked, so you figure you might as well help out when its busy. You help the girlYou walk up behind her and give a small smack to her behind and then grab the bag she was carrying. You follow her into the next room and ask her about her family and home town. She doesnt know anything about that, but she seems really happy about being helped. The only downside is she hasnt gotten her stuff yet. You can look around my shop when Im not busy. With that the two of you go shopping and soon the shop is nearly completely stocked. Now you can look around our store before buying so you know what to buy. You look around the store and check out the various gadgets, and the beautiful products on display. You see a lot of things you like.

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The kind that are set up in houses around the world, but here in the US. People in the houses have solar panels and other energy-producing gadgets, usually small enough to be hauled to the house by a bicycle-riding brother or sister. To not pay for the stuff we use so much. I thought they were a thing of the distant past, or at best, a future possibility, with the price of solar panels dropping fast It turns out those were the days, too. And they were something that wasnt even a possibility, yet. In the early 1970s, the US Energy Research and Development Administration, ERDA, was looking at things like recycling and fuel cells. And it was about to get an answer on another big question: where the hell is all the carbon in the atmosphere going. The government was starting to spend a lot of money on research, as the price of energy was on the rise. So they did something the Energy Foundation, the organization Im a part of now, has been doing for.

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