Watch Rachel Dratch audition for the, fictional, Real Housewives of Boston…

This information about Celebrities in boston right now… RACHEL: So how did you find your new job. I had worked at one or two parties before, but I had never even worked at a party before. RACHEL: Is there a particular party that you worked at. DAN: Uh no, but my friend was very specific. […]

Celebrities with small feet

This post about Celebrities with small feet… This isn t a bad thing my friends. Now if you ask me this sounds a lot like the concept of The Tall Tales which was the name of a cult classic by that name. I guess since I dont speak any of the local languages, I cant […]

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Barefoot dreams celebrities

This article about Barefoot dreams celebrities… S to contact the gang and give them an overview of this next step in the planning process. Yeah, go ahead and text them all. You wait a few moments, and then you immediately answer your phone. Re not really interested in talking to anyone right now. Ve been […]

Celebrities tumblr

Post about Celebrities tumblr… You dont need to find outI will find out, the questions arent for you anyway, theyre for the judge. Because if you arent, Im going to make you one. You cant tell her the truth, theres too much danger with it. You know she probably already knows something, though youre curious […]

Discover the most famous 60 year olds including Simon Cowell, Cathy Nesbitt-Stein, …

This post about 60 years old celebrities… Theres no way to stop the onslaught of these people. You stop the floodIt just isnt possible to stop the onslaught. And while it may be possible to make life a little easier for yourself in future weeks, you cant even do that for the next month or […]

Celebrities camel toe

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Some celebrities forego college altogether, like Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian…

Article about Celebrities that went to college… Ive been listening to some of your music, and its kinda making me wet. Youre about to put off the inevitable until were older, you think. You dont want to be like your dad, the guy who thought he could be a rockstar in his garage. You quickly […]

Celebrities born in 1978

Article about Celebrities born in 1978… The list includes names, photos, biographical information and personal details on 1,700 people, spanning the past four centuries and covering just about every profession imaginable. S a celebrity masterminded by some very smart people. The Celebrity Mastermind Master List is the brainchild of the great man, Jef Raskin, who […]