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As the Beast, you have power over nature to rival that of a demigod and can turn into a huge, wolf-like creature to tear your enemies a new one and rip off their hearts, limbs and sometimes even heads. You were even able to turn Lady Gaga into a toad. But you need to get to Lord Voldemort for your next move, you can sense him, and with luck you should be able to sneak up on him before he can even raise the dead. Then when you come face to face, there is nothing you cant do. Lord Voldemort screams as he continues to raise the dead. Come on, can we not just enjoy the beauty of nature without having to risk our lives all the time. I can summon a hundred thousand undead into this park. I can summon an army of creatures to wreak havoc on the world. You speak: You call upon the dead for no good reason, you will meet my deadly wrath. You stand up and prepare to throw your wand at him, but Harry stops you. You give him a challenge, I challenge the Dark Lord of Death. It means you get to say my name, if Im in the mood. You grin and walk forward with your wand out. Harry, you might as well let me kill you, eh Harry. Im going to show you what a real Death Eater looks like, and that means Im going to kill you. Harry walks forward and takes a step towards you. He raises his free hand and points you to the edge of the lake. Youre a pretty little thing, arent you. I can hardly turn my back on you. Harry reaches out and touches your shoulder. You walk forward and reach out a hand. You reach out and press your lips to Harry.

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