Drawing celebrities

Article about Drawing celebrities… You finish drawing Kevin, then quickly go back to the drawing of your friends. You go back and forth between the two, before finally finding you concentration and you go back to the drawing of Kevin. The drawing of Kevin goes on for a few minutes before you look up and […]

5’7 celebrities female

Article about 5’7 celebrities female… AnonymousI know you think this is all just the worst, but I think its important to tell people. I think its time we tell people the truth, because you have been doing a pretty good job of keeping it covered up as of late. But-But I cant take out the […]

Photoshop celebrities

This post about Photoshop celebrities… And its not just people who work in the music industry. For instance, you were supposed to do a cover for a magazine, but the main artist wanted you to do her cover. So, you ended up doing a cover for her instead. It was really cute, but you didnt […]