Megan Fox Opens Up About Charitable Project After Machine Gun Kelly Video

Giving back! Megan Fox is helping to raise money for a good cause.

In support of Memorial Day, the 34-year-old New Girl alum is teaming up with Redline Steel — a decor manufacturing company owned by veterans — to bring in $2 million in contributions. Fox is working closely with Redline Steel CEO Colin Wayne, a former U.S. Army vet who was injured in Afghanistan 8 years prior, to raise awareness to the initiative that’s benefiting veterans and their families.

“What Colin went through overseas to then create his company now to be able to do this type of give-back is extraordinary,” the Jennifer’s Body actress told Us Weekly exclusively on Wednesday, May 20. “It was a no-brainer to be a part of this Memorial Day promotion and give back to those who knew and are related to ones who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.”

Wayne, for his part, told Us what “a pleasure” it has been to have Fox working alongside his team for this charitable initiative. He also noted what “an incredible human being” Fox is and the “impact” she has to help push the cause.

“Initially, we started speaking as part of a collaboration based on her upcoming movie, which is about war, patriotism and hardships,” he explained. “Redline Steel is a veteran owned and operated business and I knew that connecting with Megan could be a great opportunity to help us gain greater awareness and spread Redline Steel’s mission during this Memorial Day which is to donate over $2 million worth of product to veterans and their families to honor those that paid the ultimate sacrifice.”

The businessman continued, “Megan has made it a point to be an advocate of first responders. It is because of how passionate she is about veterans that our views aligned right from the get-go.”

On Wednesday, Fox and Wayne hopped on an Instagram Live to share his story and discuss the initiative. The pair also briefly touched on her new collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly for his new “Bloody Valentine” music video, which debuted shortly before their live chat.

“Congrats on your Machine Gun Kelly video. I just saw that it went up so it turned out incredible,” Wayne told Fox at the time. “I’ve always been an MGK fan.”

Fox starred alongside Kelly, 30, in his steamy new visual after her split from estranged husband Brian Austin Green was announced on Monday, May 18. A source confirmed to Us that the collaborators “began spending more and more time together because of their work schedules and filming” their upcoming movie, Midnight in the Switchgrass.

“They started off as friends and their relationship grew from there,” the insider explained. “Megan thinks MGK is a really cool guy and their relationship turned more romantic.”

With reporting by Marc Lupo

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JoJo Siwa Opens Up About Rumored Boyfriend Elliott Brown

Young love? JoJo Siwa opened up about her relationship with Elliott Brown — and revealed whether the duo are more than just friends.

“We’re not [dating],” the YouTube star, 16, exclusively told Us Weekly. “We’re still totally friends and nothing happened. Like, we never were dating. We were close and we were right at the edge. Like, we almost crossed the line. And then we just both decided that we shouldn’t right now, which is totally fine.”

The pair sparked romance rumors when the Dance Moms alum shared photos of herself and Brown, 18 — a family friend who lives in her home state of Nebraska — hanging out via social media earlier this month.

However, Siwa isn’t ruling out a possible relationship with Brown in the future. “We might later [date], we might. It doesn’t matter. But, yeah. You know what? There’s a million fish in the sea,” she said.

Siwa said that she is “fully allowed” to go on dates, but she’s currently single because she’s “so busy right now.” She noted that it can be difficult dating in the entertainment industry.

“I have to be careful about people who I trust in relationships,” the “Hold the Drama” singer explained. “It’s scary and people just don’t get my life, and I can’t expect them to get my life. It’s hard to know if I want somebody in the industry or if I want somebody not in the industry, because if they’re not in the industry, then they can really, truly be there for me and I can truly be there for them in whatever they’re doing. But then they don’t understand what I do.”

However, dating a person in the industry has its own pros and cons for the Youtube sensation.

“But then if they are in the industry, they understand what I do, but at the same time, they have their own major priorities in the industry,” Siwa said. “So, it’s like a catch-22 either way. I know that right person is out there and everyone has a soulmate. And eventually when my time is to find him, my time is to find him.”

If Siwa does decide to date someone who chose a similar career path, she can ask pals Kim Kardashian and Meghan Trainor for guidance. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 39, is married to Kanye West while Trainor, 26, is married to Spy Kids star Daryl Sabara.

“Their partners are both incredible. Meghan’s husband is the sweetest. Obviously, Kanye is incredible. They got good ones. I should ask them for some advice,” she said.

Siwa can be seen on Celebrity Watch Party on FOX and in her backyard Worldwide Live concerts on YouTube.

With reporting by Brody Brown

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