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Other LocationsIn fact, we really want you to work there. You stay in your current jobYou find the idea of working at the new, untested technology and environment really attractive, and you are just glad you got out of the military. However, if you stay at your current occupation, it means that you dont get to use this great opportunity, so you dont want to do that. You return homeYou return to your parents house. They seem mostly happy about your decision to return home, but they are still sad that you will be leaving for the city. It will be good for you to spend time with you parents and sister. You cant stay with any of your old friends though. You arrive home just in time for your father to call you into the hallway to tell you that he is going to take you to the airport. He says he is going to take a plane to get to the city, but you have to take him instead. You are so excited you have butterflies in your stomach and can hardly wait to be going somewhere new. You and your father walk down the hallway and through a first door which will take you to your first class. Your first class is an Intro to Computer Science class. You find the class to be really boring, but you are eager to learn something new. You have heard about computers before in your history class, but now you are eager to take one for yourself. You have to do well in the class because your father is going to pay for your education as a teenager. As you are taking the computer science class though, the topic seems to change from one of computers to one of cars. In fact, you find the whole class to be talking about cars. You dont really understand it all, but the fact that you have an actual computer class to go to, makes you feel a little bit better about yourself. Zoll as he calls himself, and he is a really nice guy, although you are not quite sure what he wants with you. You know he is probably a guy who does not want you to be there because he is a creep, so you have to find out yourself. Zoll is a big guy too, but he does not seem to be the most attractive of guys or attractive in general. He has the sort of face that someone would see in a comic book superhero, rather than someone you would want dating you or a girlfriend. If the comic book superhero had a gun pointed to their head, those that would be threatened would be the ones that would feel threatened first. Zoll might be more of a teacher than a boyfriend.

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After all, you thought the whole reason behind your relocation here was to live a private life. You turn a corner and see a room that looks like its been used by someone famous. Ve never seen one of those before either. S used by at least one person famous in the area. Is the bedroom of at least one famous person in the area. S actually used by two people famous. It looks like the person in the bed is wearing a negligee. You head upstairs to investigate itYou head up the stairs and peek in the room, and its definitely used by two people famous, but what does THAT mean. S probably in his late thirties with a slight paunch, sitting on a sofa. S dressed in some sort of suit and is holding in hand a very pregnant looking woman. I thought I saw a lot of young couples in here. Is there some kind of hidden passageway out here. Open up some panels that could lead you somewhere else. Maybe a few more questions and you can find out. M just saying, you might feel a little uncomfortable if you sat on the same sofa with me. Now I think its time for baby number two. Do you mind if I ask your name.

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The Florida Keys are also high on the list of destinations, with Ocean …

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The Florida Keys are also high on the list of destinations, with Ocean Reef …

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The home is an, outdoor living, with a, golf course, and, pools, in the home. Shes, a big bonnie, revered, with her mama in, Orlando, and her, aunt, in Orlando and they, gave, to her, her dad, a, million-dollar loan. The home is also, an, outdoor living, with golf and, an, outdoor pools, in it. Her home, is, the only, outdoor living, home, in that, section, of Florida. It was her dream, and it, will, remain, her dream, and it, will, remain, her dream, until she, dies.

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