Celebrities that smoke weed

Post about Celebrities that smoke weed… You dont drink and driveYou think I could enjoy life more if I didnt have to worry about getting drunk at all times. Its like the thing that makes a lot of people lose their minds. Im not even going to bother justifying why the hell that would be […]

Famous sagittarius celebrities

This post about Famous sagittarius celebrities… He also recently tweeted a picture of a bottle of wine. You were just about to drink wine on a Christmas Day, but now you know why. Jamie also recently tweeted a picture of a bottle of wine. Hang on a minute, isnt Jamie a famous actor. T there […]

From Miley Cyrus to Jenna Dewan Tatum, Natalie Portman …

This post about Vegetarian celebrities… Natalie Portman, Natalie Portman, Natalie, NatalieMiley Cyrus are. Sent 3 hours ago You have a problem. Who the fuck is this Evelyn and why did she suddenly show up on your vegan status. Ve been seeing a lot of animals slaughtered in this world and this has me a little […]

Gerard Butler, Neil Young and Miley Cyrus among the …

Article about Celebrities fire… The fires in the Getty Center and other nearby structures are under control by fire crews, said Paul Curran, spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department. Were trying to keep the flames away from the center to prevent an explosion, he said. The Getty FireA total of 745 structures were damaged […]

Hairy female celebrities

This information about Hairy female celebrities… S Drag Race is starting soon, and I thought you might like to meet the queens before they take the stage. Ll meet them and get to know them a little better. Tyra texts you a few minutes later. The new queens and their runway looks are already causing […]

From Miley Cyrus to Jay-Z, weve rounded up …

This article about Sagittarius celebrities… Ive never heard of this Jamie Foxx, says Jamie. Yeah, Im the only one who really knows about Jamies Sagittarian heritage, you say. This is Jamie Foxx, hes a comedian and actor, and I was just wondering who this is because Ive never heard of him either. Yeah, hes in […]

Miley Cyrus has made it pretty clear that she …

This information about Celebrities that smoke weed… You dont smokeAfter a few more failed approaches, you eventually manage to find a nice spot to sit down and think things through. Well, its too late to turn back now. Youre headed out and theres no going back. Youre going to have to deal with this or […]

Here are all the celebrities that marched during the 2018 …

Information about Celebrities at march for our lives… Div ITheSaturdays March for our Livesorganizer Barbara DAntonio said that she and the group of celebrities decided to show their support for Saturdays March For Our Lives with an event1:30 PM at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City where they will all give speeches. The speeches will […]

Celebrities sucking dick

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An estimated 250000 people have been forced to flee due to the California wildfires …

Post about What celebrities lost homes in california fires… However, the fires have not yet reached the city of Los Angeles because of the efforts of the firemen and firefighters. The fires in California and many other places resulted in the hurt and disastrous loss of homes. Climate change is already destroying the Earth, and […]