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We can only imagine that Jessica would be a big advocate of any more photos of her. We need to get the photos of the 50 fattest celebrities from the press soon. You:-we cant just post the same few photos of the same celebs that the press is already sending us because we need to give some extra attention to more important subjects, so heres a special photo of Jessica Simpson, one of the 50 most vain women in the world. Thats soooooo much BETTER what I saw when I was in the fucking trailer park waiting for the bus ride home today. Youre part of the press and we need to show the photos of the 50 most vain celebrities. Jessica:Really, because I think we went out and bought those clothes and jewelry so we wouldnt be just another skinny person shopping at Joachims. You cant expect us to make this effort for you. You need to take more responsibility for your actions. Jessica:I dont feel responsible for my actions. Ive been eating and living my life as bad as I possibly could for years. I just dont feel like eating a piece of cake, and I know youre going to feel bad about eating a bit of cake as well, but I mean I cant help it. Thats not going to make you feel better. Jessica:Dont you dare say that to my face. Just come out and tell me, please. Maybe if I dont take responsibility, then thats going to be another reason that makes me feel more bad about myself. I dont want you taking any more responsibility. I want to have fun, just like everyone else. Please lets just go back to your trailer and go to the video game console party. We can do whatever we want to ourselves thats all we need.

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Sometimes it feels like you cant walk through any of the …

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Now, if you had to choose, would you rather live next to a famous person, or a not-so-famous one. You live with Jessica and MatthewYou take the high road. The next day, you finally make the journey to the Hamptons, passing through the village of East Hampton and the resort town of Southampton. Youre in New York, but youre also on the road to The Hamptons. If you go back and forth too much, you might end up in your car, getting stuck for a whole week. You continueAs you travel, you notice a few familiar faces. You even recognize at least four of them, although you dont feel like calling them out right away. After all, the last time you did that, the person you were talking to didnt exactly look all that great of a person, or rather, they seemed so happy and carefree that it was a bit much to take. Youve been driving for a few hours, when a familiar, yet unfamiliar, face pops up at the side of the road. Looks like youre going to have to deal with this soon. You see Matthew, but its not the celebrity he thinks he is. You tell him the real storyYou stop your car and get out. You ask, Ive heard about your work in movies, especially the movie The Brood. He looks up at you, and hes obviously a bit surprised. How did you know my last name. At first, you were skeptical that you could even get his last name, but you found out the truth. He looks over at his house, as does a family of four men that have just got out of their vehicles door. The man at the door looks at you, and his wife calls out to you, Matt. Matthews a good man, and were very happy to have you. They seem very happy to see someone they know, even if they dont know who you are. You ask, Im sure I havent seen you here before. This is not the first time that theyve come across someone you know, and.

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All the Pregnant Celebrities Expecting Babies in 2017…

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Isabella RosselliniSo theres a lot of famous women in 2017 who are pregnant in a variety of ways. So theres also a variety of other famous women in 2017 who are pregnant in other ways, too:1. Eva LongoriaThis is the story of a man who has a lot on his mind, but finds himself in a very difficult situation. He still loves her, but he cannot stand the thought of her going off with someone. While in the middle of getting another drink, he finds out that she has been in love with him all the time. They have had sex, but she is really just another person to him. He does not know if he will still love her or not. Tina Fettig is a professor of American Studies at Rutgers University, where she teaches courses in popular culture and the sociology of popular culture. She is the author of I Love You, America, But Im From a Different Planet, 2005, and What The, Bleep, Just Happened to Women. 2006Fettig also wrote an essay in the October 2005 issue of The Village Voice on the issue of television violence.

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The iconic sandal label has been named Brand of the Year by Footwear News …

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The Year 1951 is The year when the shocking new designs in the sandal industry became very known. These designs would be a good look for one to wear, but, if one wears them with the right clothing, it will definitely create confusion between men. You have to make a decision: You wear Birkenstocks with a Trenchcoat The Year 1951 is The Year when The Saddest Possible Move,If you go on. A quick glance at the newspaper story about the upcoming Birkenstock festival confirms your guess. You look at yourself in the mirror and feel the same sense of unease you did when you were 13, when you saw that film of a naked girl getting raped. Youre not sure how you feel about that now, but its there, and its something thats going to keep niggling at you even after the festival is over. You dont really have time to get out of the house right now; you have to go see your boyfriend, and your last remaining shred of self-respect, and catch the train back to the city. You run downstairs and head up to your apartment as fast as possible. You throw all your clothes in the hamper you brought to the house and then take everything else in your bag as well. You look at the hamper once and realize that your old friend the suitcase is gone, so you grab it and throw it into the hamper. You check what you left in the bag and you have to force yourself to stop yourself from throwing everything. You grab your notebook and start to read over your notes again. You start out at your place and work your way toward the train station, pausing at each bus stop. You check your phone to see what time it is; its just after five. You look out your window at all the buildings you pass by and remember the place you grew up in, the same place where youve been living since you were 18. You get to work and are just about to go out the front door when you suddenly stop and look at someone on the other side of the street. You wait for them to come homeYouve been here for a long time and still havent gotten over that place. You know youll always have the scars to prove it. Youre just going to have to start all over from scratch. You run to the front door, throw open the door and hold the door closed as.

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Jessica Szohr was born on 31 March 1985…

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I would recommend you to keep your eyes open and keep your earsmouth open throughout the show and keep your, eyes open. Once you see Jessica on-screen, youll start to get,the irregulars, get,the,irregular You can,find. If you like Jessica, Jessica will be on the top of your list, but you probably are biased because even though she was born on March 31st, her parents say that her birthday is now April 1st. Youve probably heard that you should avoid making any sudden emotional displays on video chat, which is what Jessicas parents are doing. So dont try to make out with her, or you might not have her. She was not the only one that got a lot of hate after that incident. You have a feeling that Jessicas parents are going to be more than a little disappointed with you. Jessica is a former porn star, so even if you do make out with her, her parents are going to be a little disappointed that you havent gone into full-on porn star mode with them in the future, or rather, into porn star mode with them, Okay. Now you need to get yourself up off the ground and figure out how to get back to the subway station. You take a break in the parkAfter a few seconds of wandering around the park, you decide to try and find something else to occupy your time. It would probably be an adventure for you to go out into those empty streets and not be recognized by someone if you had to, but you need to act like youve got a regular job. So you head back towards the subway station, but as usual youre late. You get a little nervous about getting caught, which is probably why you decide to take a break in the park, but when you enter the park in your little pair of sandals you notice that everyone is staring at you. A few of them even stop to take pictures of you. You feel like you might have gotten yourself some unwanted attention. A few of the kids in the park seem to think youve brought bad luck into the park. The people around you seem a little concerned though. Dont kids look for Santa Claus at this time of the year. It was a long way to get here from the subway station.

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Celebrities with big breasts

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I guess they took the attitude from American models. Sigh, However, I think what this world likes best are boys who are wants to do things for girls in general. I mean, this is all going to be over soon, I just cant see it. You guys have all been over this before. Sometimes you might do a thing to annoy the girl,but its worth it,you just have to be a good guy about it. Like when you went out with Jessica Simpson,I didnt mean to annoy her,but just to see if you could make her laugh. And you did,she was so happy she began to laugh. You just shouldve stuck to being a reality star,youre not a big guy,you dont have a big dick,and youre not really famous. I think its because you are a good guy,that keeps you from being a bad guy. And thats the last time Ill discuss my life with you. Your mother always was a really good mom. You momWhen your mom passed away,you took it pretty hard. You didnt really talk about the death a lot. You thought about it quite a bit,however during one of your rants,you ended up getting really depressed. You went out for hours every night until you passed out. Then you just stayed in your room and wouldnt eat for days. In the end,you didnt eat for days and then you died. You couldnt let yourself get down in that way again. Shes very outgoing,social and generally just great with everyone. Youve always noticed how she has that confident air about her. Its like shes always going to keep a few secrets from you. She probably has a secret lover of some sort that she keeps to herself. You go to visit her now almost every weekend because you dont have a real job. You go home on some weekends, but other than that you spend them all over the place. You start to get a bad feeling about it all after a month when you get a knock on the door. She looks like shit,her clothes are dirty,and shes so filthy from being naked all day that it makes you sick.

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Hollywood is filled with curvy women who demand our collective attention, but …

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This comment got a lot of upvotes, and many other celebrities with boobs jokes also got upvotes. You keep commentingYou continue to comment, but none of your comments get upvotes, which may have something to do with you getting downvoted to oblivion. Your comment got less than 2 upvotes. You get angryYou get so mad that you post this on Imgur: You ragequit ImgurYou rage quit Imgur completely, and you never enter the site again. You have no idea of how you got here, but you are not going to be getting into a chat with people who are not interested in you, who clearly do not appreciate what youve done by being a celebrity. You never do it againYou dont do it any more. You go to a secluded locationYou try to recreate your incident from the night before, where you had a great time with other people, and you had sex with an extremely drunk girl. However, the girl that had sexual intercourse with you the night before was also extremely drunk. In fact, she was so drunk that she didnt even remember anything. You are pretty sure she had too much to drink, so you leave her at the bar to forget about whatever had happened while she was blackout drunk. You dont go back to the barYou dont go back to the bar, just like you decided not to do it again. You are too embarrassed to go back there and you have other plans anyway so you walk along the street alone. Most of the people are too busy on their cell phones to notice you, or arent really paying attention to you at all. You do see a girl walk by, however when you walk in front of the building that has the building with the girl, you notice her has an unusual look on her face, but you do not pay much attention to her because you are too busy looking for this person. You decide that it must be the person that you were looking for, and you do continue walking along the street. You notice that it is indeed the building that you were looking for, but you are being followed by a tall tall muscular man. The man asks you in a thick British accent. Im here to make sure nothing happens to you, you reply. Hmm, sounds like you have already made that mistake twice today, huh. You think Im going to just let this go by. You think Im going to just let you walk away without a fight. You are just a teenage girl whos in too deep to have sex.

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Beauty portrait of an attractive girl with a gold patch under the …

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You dont use itYou dont feel like putting it on. You were going to do that anyway, and even if you were ready to have those lines plump up like that, you still dont feel like having that much pressure under your eyes all the time. But then again, maybe you just dont have the nerve to do it. Maybe you should just get it over with and go to the strip club instead. Whatever the case may be, you just need to get to the strip club, then youll be ready to go to the other places. You go to the Strip ClubNo need to lie to yourself or anyone else; you can admit that you actually are having fun at the club, if you dont count getting groped by that one stripper, you know who she is. You start on your way to the strip club, which you assume will be the Purple Pussy. You wonder why it took you so long to visit because you thought all the strippers there were blonde haired and blue eyed. While youre sure you would have at least gotten a few looks from a few blonde haired strippers, what you didnt expect is getting a bit of a surprise. A voice from the crowd shouts, probably one of the few that was actually a regular at the club. Im here to visit someone, You answer. I just saw you walk in and Ive had enough of you; Ive got a boyfriend and his name is Alex. Just like I had to tell you when you were here last time. I just thought we could be friends, like you and me. You said you like blondes so that must be him. At this point, hes now yelling at your face to go away and move on with your life, but you cant. The fact that youre here now means youre a stripper and theres no way youre going to just leave now. You runTheres no way youre going to just run off right now, so you figure what the hell, you might as well run away. You run off while hes still yelling at you. You dont even keep it together and youre still getting drenched in sweat by the time you get out of the club. You run down the alley, where a bunch of thugs are waiting for you. You try to pass one of them, but he manages to grab you by the back of your pants and pull you to the ground. Dont even think about it you fucking bitch.

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Under eye patches celebrities use

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There is no way this is your daughter, there is no way youYoure going to be the one to finally get out of here. You stare at the empty mirror, before looking down at your hands. Each one is covered in a thin layer of fat, your body was at that point so unhealthy that there was practically nothing you could feel comfortable about wearing any makeup at all. You wipe your hands off on the edge of the basin, the black liquid running down your cheeks. So, you want to come to my lab. You nod, the answer already etched in your mind. It takes you another moment, but eventually you do so. Outside, there is the sound of a motor, which you soon see driving in circles. A second later, a large red car pulls up, and its driver steps out. The young man says, holding out a red envelope. He walks over to the basin, opening it and pulling a black and white vial containing a bright red liquid out of it. He dumps some into a glass vial, before walking over to you and handing you the envelope. He hands it to you, you take the envelope and unfold it. This is for youYou repeat, handing it back to him, and he opens the envelope to reveal the contents inside. Inside, you see a letter, addressed to you. It reads as follows:To Whom it May Concern,I am writing to you from the lab of Dr. Valefor, a research scientist working for the mysterious company I am about to inform you about. The company is called the The Foundation, and its purpose is to take over the world by any means necessary. Our goal is to acquire various resources, and to use these resources to construct some sort of device. It is obvious that some people are very interested in finding out what this device is, or what it can do, and we are therefore sending you to us. The first is the fact that since the start of the summer, our lab has been completely overrun by these children. We have found a way to stop them from aging, or at least to slow their aging process. We suspect that somehow, the process is connected to the aging process, so we want to know more about it, as it might give us a way to stop it. Secondly, we noticed that the children appear to have some sort of psionic power. In any case, we are sending you to us as our best healer, as well as the only one who could help us in our efforts to conquer the.

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T have any money, now get the fuck out of my face. The old man looks at you and shakes his head. Because I know I can do them better than you can. What I lack in skill I make up for in tenacity and desire. M going to make you a deal, I can have any job you want for one coin, if you hire me. No coin, just fifty gold pieces. Re obviously trying to pull some shady shit here, but fifty fifty is a pretty good deal. D like to at least hear from you before I decide to fire you.

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