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Post about Beauty products… You go into the FAQ section Show Spoiler 1. Show Spoiler Well pay for your faulty item, s, in full if you return without any issues within 30 days after purchase. Com and well do our best to help you. We do not offer refunds on faulty garments. We do not […]

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This post about All natural beauty products… Image of the Week: Cock-eyedThe phrase cock-eyed is often used to describe a blind person, and its origin is an old saying from the Old West when people would ride with their eyes open. It was a term of derision used to describe someone who was unable to […]

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This post about Hatch beauty… And now were going to get a little too personal. Well see how long you can resist. You dont care how old she is, youll put her out of her misery. You dont care if she knows how many cars shes in, you dont care if she doesnt want your […]

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This post about Latest beauty news… The beauty of today: beauty news, beauty tips, the latest. 10 per hour minimum wage in San Francisco. The court is declining to hear an appeal of a lower courts decision to uphold the law. 10-an-hour wage have argued it would help many low-wage workers and help businesses grow. […]