Celebrities with the same birthday

Information about Celebrities with the same birthday… This post about Celebrities with the same birthday…

When is beauty and the beast in theaters

Article about When is beauty and the beast in theaters… You watch The BeastYour eyes widened as you saw an animal in the mirror. You dont have human-like eyes, you have cat-like eyes, but your face and body and body-parts remain human-like. You didnt know why you saw something in the mirror, all you remember […]

Levels Of Makeup: Amateur to Professional Makeup Artist…

Article about Rcl beauty one oh one… Rachel responds to your compliment by showing off a side of herself you never noticed before. S like a side of Rachel you never knew existed before, until now. She has a cute face, long blond hair and her skin is tan. T help her in any way […]

Red of beauty and rage

Information about Red of beauty and rage… Ill have to listen to this before I decide what is the best way to live my life. You didnt think this was going to be easy did you. I mean, these are dark times for you, but youve always been a fighter. Im sure you could probably […]