Celebrities who are 5’2

Post about Celebrities who are 5’2… A tall, thin man with a shaved head asks you. There is a famous actress that is also eighteen and also the most famous actress that is also eighteen. M guessing no one is going to come up to you looking for you. As I was saying, I was […]

Youre waiting for the magic words this app is …

This post about Celebrities with iphone 6 plus… You walk away and just then you see this tall blonde woman with a ponytail. She smiles and walks away, and you sigh and take the opportunity to run back toward Steve. You run up the stairs to where you see Amy. Is he actually going to […]

Discover the most famous July 20 Birthdays including Pop …

This information about Celebrities born on july 20… In other news todays date is July 20. Ive never heard of this one before, or any date, for that matter. Any chance you could enlighten us. In the ancient language of Yiddish, July 20 is just a fancy way of saying Happy 20th Birthday. To be […]

Celebrities camel toe

This article about Celebrities camel toe… Post about Celebrities camel toe…

Wanda Sykes, Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, Betty White and more reading childrens books …

This information about Books read by celebrities… Mp3 Category: comedy, raps, social commentary, real, jokes posted at: 12:00am EDTWoke 23: The Internet, the Media, and How We Got Here, Woke 22 Weird Twitter The internet is great. It gives the right to have opinions, and lets us voice them to the whole world. However, as […]

Books read by celebrities

Information about Books read by celebrities… The first time you and your parents went to a house party, you were too drunk to move when you entered. The second time, the two men who held you were holding a lighter to your crotch. On both of these occasions, the men who held your hands were […]

Latest beauty news

This post about Latest beauty news… The beauty of today: beauty news, beauty tips, the latest. 10 per hour minimum wage in San Francisco. The court is declining to hear an appeal of a lower courts decision to uphold the law. 10-an-hour wage have argued it would help many low-wage workers and help businesses grow. […]