Briana DeJesus: I Want to Start Posting My Nudes on OnlyFans!

Like most of the stars in the Teen Mom galaxy, Briana DeJesus supplements her MTV income with a number of business ventures.

Now, it looks as though the mother of two might be planning to add one more side-hustle to the mix.

And if we know anything about the internet in 2020, it could wind up being her most lucrative project to date!

Yes, Briana is considering entering the world of OnlyFans and posting nudes for cash.

And why not, we say!

She'll probably still feel less exposed than she does on Teen Mom 2!

Take a look at what Bri had to say on the matter this week:

1.A New Career?

2.Opening Up

3.Giving It Some Thought

4.Hard On Herself

5.Sounds Innocent Enough …

6.The Naked Truth

7.Just Sayin'

8.C'mon …

9.The Financial Situation

10.Why Now?

11.Not Immune

12.Hair Today …

13.Gone Tomorrow

14.Back At It


16.Harsh Criticism

17.Piling On

18.Being Careful

19.Playing It Safe … Sort Of

20.Running Out of Options

21.Hard Times

22.A Matter of Timing

23.Head Above Water

24.Hate to Disappoint …

25.Just an Idea!

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