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You go to the Beauty ShopYou dont need a science degree to figure it out. The Beauty Shop is the only place in town that makes the products you like. You know it just makes sense to go to them for that and more. You enter and see the counter filled with different products. The shop owner is a tall woman with long curly hair who looks very pretty in her fancy dress. The girl you are with looks at the store and doesnt say anything. You do though so she knows your intentions. She looks like she wants to go inside too, but she doesnt have anything at the moment. Welcome to the Beauty Shop, Im the owner, Miss Nala. You say So, where do I get these nice things you sell. The girl looks at the counter and realizes she doesnt really know where to look. You know a lot about these things, right. I even can make something good for you. You know, I used to sell the things here back in our home town on the Island. You still have some time to get your stuff in before the shop closes early. Well help you out however we can. You have to keep such a big place stocked, so you figure you might as well help out when its busy. You help the girlYou walk up behind her and give a small smack to her behind and then grab the bag she was carrying. You follow her into the next room and ask her about her family and home town. She doesnt know anything about that, but she seems really happy about being helped. The only downside is she hasnt gotten her stuff yet. You can look around my shop when Im not busy. With that the two of you go shopping and soon the shop is nearly completely stocked. Now you can look around our store before buying so you know what to buy. You look around the store and check out the various gadgets, and the beautiful products on display. You see a lot of things you like.

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This article about Beauty brains

You join with the Beauty BrainsThe Beauty Brains, at the time, were a small organization, with a focus on producing beauty products that were safe for the human eye. There were several different ways you could join, you could buy some products from their online store or purchase in their shop. Of course, you did choose the latter, as it came with a free makeup bag. This meant that you were officially a member of the Beauty Brains. The Beauty Brains were also a bit secretive about their procedures, so you found your way to a small room in their headquarters, where you found a group of people, sitting around a table. One of them, was a man with messy black hair, wearing a white lab coat. The man was staring at you with a big grin on his face looking at you. Well, we were getting ready, so I figured Id catch you before anyone else. You looked at some of your fellow members standing behind him, and then at the man, who was looking at you, confused. The man shouts, waving his hand at some lights around the room that he pointed out. The man had pointed out a large, glowing wall behind him, with a large, glowing, blue button on it. The man smiled and stood up from his seat, before walking over to open up the wall. He pushed the button, and a large metal door with a large, blue button on it, flew open. The man then walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. The man asks, walking back into the room. You dont need to worry about him, he wasnt a Beauty Brain, if you hadnt pointed out a weakness he wouldnt have become one. Im supposed to introduce you to them later, itll be your job to find out what you need to do about it. Dont worry yourself, Im gonna come up with something. Then Im sure youll find it very simple, very enjoyable, and wont want for anything. Just remember, dont you dare turn anyone into a Beauty Brain. You smiled, and walked out of the room, to have another meeting with the Beauty Brains. I can only hope that your story is different from mine. I dont want some faceless fat man to give me a big fucking surprise. You head to the Beauty BrainsWell, I suppose your story is similar to mine.

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