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This is a post from a few years ago that is getting re-tweeted by people who really should know better today. I dont even have anything to add other than saying, Just get a life. Benjie2134, JanuI just think people are missing the point. This is a choice to put on a costume that looks like it came out of the 1950s. If you dont want to be bothered by all of this, fine. That being said, I dont understand how you cant understand why this has become a point of contention with many. Now, Im not saying we should have censorship like the Taliban is trying to enforce in the Middle East or something. But I am saying that in your defense, this is a cultural thing that has become an issue in society nowadays. And we need to stop making fun of people for it. I could go on and on about this, but I think if youre just now reading this, that means you have the mental capacity of a newborn. View more posts Report abusive postsPlease check out our related topics page too. Start Over Site Map Home End Of Page Why did you pick me. The voice comes back, but it takes slightly longer for it to reach you. Because you have more experience with magic than the rest of us. The face of the person who spoke is now completely serious. Well, if youll excuse me, I should be off. You pause, trying to figure out who this person is. Okay, you say, and start to head out. The person says, as he immediately walks away. Just then, the door of the room opens again, and this time, you arent ready to leave.

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Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Madonnas daughter, Lourdes Leon, are only a few celebrities …

Information about Celebrities showing nipples

Celebrities Only Show Theirs In Hideously Shameful Forms: The Nipple The Anime Character The Fanatic The Koreans The Gangnam Style, and, The Cumshot Character. HOTEL LATERYoure now in a hotel room with a bunch of other men. Youre all here to meet up with a certain attractive blonde woman youve heard so much about. Youre just wondering when your time is gonna come and see her. Your time is gonna come eventually, but you want to get some time with her now. Hello guys, Im Justin, your room mate for today. Me and a few others are gonna go to this party we heard about on the radio. Its called a cock and bull session and apparently it gets a little out of hand at some of these parties.

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Your Random Celebrity is: Dave Thomas…

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T you fuckers have a goddamn sense of decency. Re not going to be able to find the time to kill her ever again. After you leave, you just want to be by yourself and get in your truck and drive off to New Hampshire where you know you can get your own goddamn gun You continue. You enter your house and find two men sitting on the floor, crying. They both immediately look up as you enter. You stand before them, crying and sweating profusely. Re probably better off just dumping you now, even giving you a chance to bail yourself out. Ve been talking about taking him in for quite a while. Re going to give him one last chance. Re sort of at the point where we could probably.

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Hollywood is filled with curvy women who demand our collective attention, but …

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This comment got a lot of upvotes, and many other celebrities with boobs jokes also got upvotes. You keep commentingYou continue to comment, but none of your comments get upvotes, which may have something to do with you getting downvoted to oblivion. Your comment got less than 2 upvotes. You get angryYou get so mad that you post this on Imgur: You ragequit ImgurYou rage quit Imgur completely, and you never enter the site again. You have no idea of how you got here, but you are not going to be getting into a chat with people who are not interested in you, who clearly do not appreciate what youve done by being a celebrity. You never do it againYou dont do it any more. You go to a secluded locationYou try to recreate your incident from the night before, where you had a great time with other people, and you had sex with an extremely drunk girl. However, the girl that had sexual intercourse with you the night before was also extremely drunk. In fact, she was so drunk that she didnt even remember anything. You are pretty sure she had too much to drink, so you leave her at the bar to forget about whatever had happened while she was blackout drunk. You dont go back to the barYou dont go back to the bar, just like you decided not to do it again. You are too embarrassed to go back there and you have other plans anyway so you walk along the street alone. Most of the people are too busy on their cell phones to notice you, or arent really paying attention to you at all. You do see a girl walk by, however when you walk in front of the building that has the building with the girl, you notice her has an unusual look on her face, but you do not pay much attention to her because you are too busy looking for this person. You decide that it must be the person that you were looking for, and you do continue walking along the street. You notice that it is indeed the building that you were looking for, but you are being followed by a tall tall muscular man. The man asks you in a thick British accent. Im here to make sure nothing happens to you, you reply. Hmm, sounds like you have already made that mistake twice today, huh. You think Im going to just let this go by. You think Im going to just let you walk away without a fight. You are just a teenage girl whos in too deep to have sex.

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A celebrity is a person who is widely recognised in a given …

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They are the ones who have the largest and most active audiences, whether they be the movies, TV shows, concerts, or just their presence. The Forbes list of the worlds top 100 highest-paid celebrities.

Jennifer AnistonIn 2011, Angelina Jolie took the top spot and that record hasnt been broken since. 85 million per year for her role as the lead in Maleficent. 40 million for her starring role in The Lady in the Van. 32 million earning her lead role in Enough Said. Anne Hathaway is a single parent, actress, and mother. Jennifer Aniston is a single parent, actress, and mother. Angelina Jolie is a single parent, actress, and mother. Sandra Bullock is a single parent, actress, and mother. Anne Hathaway is a single parent, actress and actress.

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My id is gangnam beauty ep 2

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You do wonder where exactly the next town is though. You figure you could probably live quite happily somewhere else, but where exactly is still a mystery to you. With a final look back at the two girls still standing around you, you set off on your journey once again. Ve hardly ever left this place for quite awhile now. Re going in the direction you think you are. Re just running on autopilot right now. S probably no wonder why so many people have tried to leave this place. When you think about it, this place is pretty much like a giant video game to you. Ll meet the love of your life or fall in love with them. Ll be so exhausted, you just want to stop and rest. Then you start all over again. Your legs are getting tired of carrying you all the time though. Every so often you wonder if you should stop and rest too. D hate to miss the first train back to the city. Re starting to worry about your own survival. Re going to be running a lot slower than you usually do. Re going to get a train back to the city, when you see a figure running down the road. S definitely not one of the cars; this guy must be one of the few on foot walking around. T see him for too long, because he soon disappears in between the tall grass. You follow him a little further as he runs and looks to be heading directly to the trailer park you were in before you got lost. T help but to think how you actually ran over a few of the trailers on.

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VotesAudra McDonald and Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast, …

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He has black-tipped tipped-hair and is very well-groomed, very pretty. Maurice:, Cough, You dont want to see me. Belle:, Cough, YOU dont want to see her. Belle puts her hands on your shoulders. You: Alright, I think we should be going. Belle smiles at you goodbye and runs off. You continue to the parkWhile you were gone, she was going to give in to her urge, which youll probably be the one to stop her from doing so. You turn around from the entrance of the park and walk away. As you walk the streets of the city, you notice that the majority of people are doing something, i. Lying face down, eating ice cream, etc You see that the streets are calm, and all the pedestrians seem to be in a relaxed manner. The only sign of chaos is a few of the cars that are broken into, and graffiti on some of the buildings. You look around and see that this is just a normal day in the town. You also notice that there isnt any sign of the beast, so the townspeople must think they are safe from him. The streets are surprisingly safe, and you dont feel the need to be on the lookout for the monster that lives in the park.

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List Rules Vote up the consistently best dressed famous women …

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Who could really describes look without the help of: the editor of a stylish magazine. T she one of those singers with the stupid face. You continue looking through other models names. T think she should be a model, but she wants to be a model and so I say yes. I told you, she wants to be a model, you know why. S never been good at anything, except being an ugly nerd. T think any of these models are even as pretty, except maybe for me. Re not as pretty as her, but I think she has a point. You ever think about dating any of those models. Re a pretty nerd, I can tell that you.

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A celebrity is a person who is widely recognised in a given society …

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A model who is known for her excellent physical condition and a models models. Ve been acting like shit all along. T just keep fucking around in the same place. Re out there in the open, so where the fuck is the goddamn risk. We really need to leave before they catch us too. T so much the possibility of getting infected that is the problem. Re becoming too comfortable where you are and possibly living too long. That maybe all of your previous excitement and excitement has been replaced by boredom. Job when you do routine job clearing out abandoned houses, picking up garbage and such. T eventually get bored and get yourself into a routine that is so mundane that it becomes boring. There is that one time you went to the carnival after school and you got so drunk one night you barely remember anything that happened the next day. Ll turn into another stereotypical lazy slob that does nothing interesting with their life. Ve been thinking about something you could do to take your mind off everything. The two of you, for one night, can just do what you do. You spend the next few days contemplating this. You think this plan is a bit risky to your usual methods of avoiding being bothered and you worry about being caught doing this if some one else gets the idea. Re still a little unsure of how to go about this plan so when you.

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A study on the STDs, HCV and HIV, HEPATITIS, HEP, Genital Warts, and HIV, HEPATITIS in women, and men. You wait until the last possible moment and press the top button. Suddenly an incredibly large and scary looking man in a black suit stands before you. He looks at you oddly, before addressing you. Do you wish to know how to stop the spread of the Virus. And how do you know they wont be able to kill me then release their anger on me. I have to ask for your help, and Im just a man you know nothing about. You try to reason with himIm not sure why youre here and I certainly wont just hand you the cure, but youre a man whos seen the face of the future. You can do something about your condition. I cant do that, my powers have been warped by the Virus. You cant stop it, the virus cant harm you. It needs to be in a concentrated form that can destroy you. You want me to tell you where they are. Its a cruel world that wont let you just live your life the way you want it. Please, just give me whatever power youve been giving me. Youll just feel it the same as before, youll be dead within a few months.

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