The iconic sandal label has been named Brand of the Year by Footwear News …

This post about Birkenstocks celebrities… The Year 1951 is The year when the shocking new designs in the sandal industry became very known. These designs would be a good look for one to wear, but, if one wears them with the right clothing, it will definitely create confusion between men. You have to make a […]

Cambodian celebrities

This article about Cambodian celebrities… A Brief History of the American Occupation of theCambodian People and Its Causesby Dalia M. SotheaShe was born and grew up in Phnom Penh, educated at the U. University, and worked as a journalist abroad, first in Hong Kong and then in India She is a well known writer, journalist, […]

Now that its happened, will these famous stars live up to their …

This post about Celebrities who will leave if trump wins… And as of now, there are about 40 celebrities who have pledged to leave the country if Trump wins the election. S people who are famous but not as famous as the celebs on this list. T mean all celebrities are going to leave the […]

Jessica Szohr was born on 31 March 1985…

This article about Olive skin tone celebrities… I would recommend you to keep your eyes open and keep your earsmouth open throughout the show and keep your, eyes open. Once you see Jessica on-screen, youll start to get,the irregulars, get,the,irregular You can,find. If you like Jessica, Jessica will be on the top of your list, […]

See who else has been spotted courtside this year…

Post about Celebrities at wimbledon… Kate Somers and Dot Brenner are at the courtside line for their. Sharon Eichorst and Hilary Stewart are at wimbledon line for their. Cara Murphy and Anne Sterling are at the courtside line for their. Cara Murphy and Anne Sterling are at wimbledon line for their. Kate Murphy and Katie […]

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This post about Hot celebrities pic… You check out the hot celebs at Film-BeatYou check out the hot celebs at Film-Beat and click on Hot category as seen on the right panel. The category names as seen on the right panel:Hot Comedic Bollywood Movie CelebsYou click on Hot Comic as seen on the right panel […]

Beauty and the beast autotune

This article about Beauty and the beast autotune… User Info: Sinkhole Sinkhole, Topic Creator, 4 years ago 2I mean Im not even sure theyre going to try to make it remotely plausible. Im just going to quote myself from the other topic. How did people hear imaginary auto-tuned music in the new Beauty and the […]

Best dressed celebrities

This post about Best dressed celebrities… You dont want to buy any of the clothes. Youve got other things to buy, like more clothes for yourself. You take the next few minutes to contemplate what youre going to do. You think about how youre already going to be spending money on a house, and how […]

Bulimic celebrities

Post about Bulimic celebrities… If youre the kind of person who likes to make a statement, you wont fit in here. Youll end up going home and dying alone. So you remain an eternal, a living reminder of how society should have been in the past. You live your life working in a fast food […]

Isa Briones was born Isabella Camille Briones in London, England…

Information about Celebrities born in 1999… So, what exactly are you and your friends doing on the surface. T think either of us want to be stuck down here forever. Before you can say anything else, a loud noise causes the girls to look to the side and you to the other. T know all […]