Zoe Ball forced to issue apology to Radio 2 listeners after Stephen Frys d*** comment

Zoe Ball apologises for Stephen Fry’s language on BBC Radio 2

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BBC Radio 2 presenter Zoe Ball has been forced to issue an apology after Stephen Fry made a rude comment live on her Breakfast Show this morning. The Gosford Park actor, 64, was speaking to the BBC DJ about his new book Fry’s Ties which details his affinity to the neckwear item, when he made the surprising comment.

I must apologise for any language there, just in case

Zoe Ball

The BBC Radio 2 presenter had started the conversation by asking the star if he recalled when he first wore a tie.

Stephen said: “Well aside from school, it was really when the second of my grandfathers died.

“My brother and I realised we had this collection of men’s things which included collar boxes.

“In the old days, people’s collars and shirts were separate, you attached the collar using a stud at the front and a stud at the back, and it was a sort of sharp thing,

“It would be a wing collar and go all the way up like an Austrian Archduke you know, there’s all different sorts of things,” Stephen explained.

However, the actor revealed that it took a while to get to grips with putting on the collars he’d inherited.

Stephen went on: “It took us quite a while to learn how to do it, how to do the studs fixing and how to get the ties in, as there were ties from my grandfathers too.”

But he told how once he had gotten the hang of it, he enjoyed getting dressed up.

The star explained: “And I took to it, I liked wandering up and down the city of Norwich in a suit with this very formal sort of tie at the age of 14.

“I must have looked like all kinds of d*** I’m afraid, but there you go,” as Zoe started laughing.

Oblivious to his gaffe, the Sherlock Holmes star continued and revealed that he was able to express himself through what he wore when he was younger.

He said: “If you grew up in the country, especially in those days when there was barely any television, I certainly didn’t have one in my bedroom, my parents didn’t particularly approve of it.

“So the only entertainment was what you could find in terms of your own self-presentation.

“A lot of people have it in them that they use dress in one form or another to express themselves, and a tie is one way of doing it,” he added.

Jumping in, Zoe quickly apologised for the actor’s use of language.

“Absolutely,” Zoe gushed, before going on: “I must apologise for any language there, just in case.”

“I’m so sorry,” Stephen could be heard saying, before Zoe defended him.

“No, you were simply being expressive Stephen which you do so, so well,” Zoe continued, as the star could be heard chuckling.

Moving on, the Wilde actor went on to “blame Keith Richards” for people opting to wear ties around their heads at weddings and parties.

Stephen Fry’s book Fry’s Ties is available to buy online here.

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