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She raises her hand, and points behind you. You follow her, and eventually you find yourself in a hallway with a large, red door, with the words LCL written on it in green marker. You open the door, and find yourself in an oversized space with a lot of furniture, mostly made of wood, but there are some metal desks and chairs too, making it look more like a college library than a beauty salon. Theres also a counter with a computer, a large door, and a large, old-fashioned desk. It looks like you cant really see anything through the window, but youre hoping there will be a mirror hanging somewhere. You say, as Anna looks down at your feet. This is the beauty room; I was trying to open this door, Anna says. The way the door is set up, you cant open it. Can I get something to eat or use the computer. Can I use the computer to look at your website. Yes, but not to sign up for a consultation. If I dont sign up, will you give me a discount. You wait until you get home, and youre about to open the door when Anna stops you. You dont have time to open the door to go looking for a key, so you head upstairs and find one under the right desk. You unlock and open the door, and find yourself in a very large bedroom. Theres a small dresser, a dresser with an old camera, a dresser with a quilt, several bookshelves, and a big flat-screen TV. You also see a wardrobe, and a closet with a few clothes piled up next to.

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