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About the SiteThis is a privately-owned community owned web site, and is owned by the community. All graphics, text, software and other content, is copyrighted, and belongs to us. We reserve the right to remove any material at any time. As always, if youre the subject of any kind of privacy violation please contact us immediately and well get to it. About UsWe are a voluntary organization dedicated to cruelty-free cosmetics. This means that we do not sell harmful andor illegal products, do not test on animals, and do not market to people under the age of 18. This means no selling BB creams to children or products with nicotine in them. This also means no selling products that contain chemical dyes or parabens. Please read this page for more info on the issues were working towards. The Homepage was designed with two goals in mind:The first goal of our web site was to bring people into our community of cruelty-free beauty advocates from all over the world. The web site was designed to make it easy to find out more about Beauty Without Cruelty. We plan on having links on the web site for a number of important places for you to go. That is the mantra of a woman who has suffered from severe depression and post-partum depression for four years. It has been a struggle to not just keep her alive, but to keep her alive with the proper medication and care. In November 2013, Jessica made her way to the United States from Mexico and in 2014 she was admitted to a mental health facility in Colorado Springs. These medications have helped her, but the side effects have been debilitating. Now that she is a citizen of the United States, she needs help. Now that she has obtained citizenship, she needs medical care. Currently, Jessica has lived in a shelter and is unable to work. Advertisement You have heard of people who have been in the country.

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