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You feel a surge of positive energy and are suddenly standing on the other side of the street to the girl. You see her waving and laughing at you with an American accent. The two of you enter a red convertible and the sun shines down on you. You say as you and the girl drive off. The girl looks around, you look at her, they look at each other. S also your first day in the great United States of Tattoo. Your freedom is short lived when the Redneck Road Kill Kid appears to tell you to get in his car. After all, he wants to be on top of the music. What do you have to say, you ask yourself. Re now in an alleyway and the Cult of Beauty member is behind you, looking down at her feet. T have respect for their women or respect for themselves. You get out of the car and get on your face. You say and then go back in the alley and hide in the shadows. You hear the car start up again and hear the sounds of music coming from the other end of the street. Re just like every other mindless redneck out there.

Article about Cult beauty usa