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Im just excited that theyre coming to my country, now that we have the Internet. Its not like they can just fly around the world and suddenly contact you from wherever they are, but at least theyll know about you in your own country. Anyway, Im done for today, Ill see you in the real world soon. Youre suddenly dropped off in a field not too long after your conversation with Youngevity ended. You wander around aimlessly a bit, but it seems like your new home. You dont really know how to take this, so you decide to just keep it a secret for a bit. Hours later, you start to feel a little drained. You still dont know how all of this works, but you do know that youve been in contact with something very odd and very powerful. You know that the more connected you are the closer you are to becoming one with your new host. Its like with this, with Youngevity, its like your mind is being slowly consumed, but you need to find your feet quickly if youre going to survive. You try contacting with them once more, but again, you cant get a response back, so you decide you need to head back home as soon as possible. Youre still unsure of what to expect, but youre sure that everything thats been revealed is indeed very scary, and youll be glad to face it if youre ready for it. You leave your home, and try to find the nearest road, but you cant find any that are easily passable. Eventually you see a light ahead of you, and you decide to go that way. You walk down the street and find a few signs that say Ritas Pizza and Tavern with a phone number, but it doesnt really help you out. Maybe Rita is trying to help you, or maybe shes not. You dont need her help anymore anyway, you just need some sort of help when it comes to this strange place. Eventually you find your way to the Ritas pizza and tavern, and it seems like a regular place. You walk in and see a room full of tables, chairs and food. A waitress comes over to your table as you order. You frown at her and you remember that her name was Rita.

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