Youll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream…

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Lyrical:I Do: You dont do itYou look a long way from getting that chance. You stand there for a moment in silence with your hand on your weapon, And the fact its still there tells you just how close you were to taking her lifeWith a final look to the ground and your head down, you go home. You stay home that night and you live your peaceful life. You next dayYou wake up to a door open in your room. You slowly walk over to it and it opens up to reveal a young woman with curly dark hair. The girl smiles and starts asking you questions. You respond, still feeling a slight sense of unease about the situation. Ve just been on edge since you woke me up. S hand, leading her up a set of stairs. The rest of the hallway is empty but you hear a small cry from the room down the hall and an awful howl. You enter the room and find a child curled up in a ball. There is a large hole in the side of his neck with what looks like red fluid leaking from it. S also also pale, malnourished, and scaly. Then they both run over to their mother with a look of panic on their faces. The mother runs over to the boy and puts a hand on his shoulder and walks over to you.

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