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You go about making your plan for the day. Re going to just collapse from all the things you have to do. Ve never actually had a really large job to do until right now. S precisely why you hate your superhero career. S going to keep you from doing it more. Re not just talking about getting paychecks here. Re also talking about having a nice normal life in general. Re supposed to be super strong, but you never really feel the effects of your superheroics at all. Re supposed to be super smart, but you never really feel the benefits. Re supposed to be super fast, but you never actually feel the benefits. This all sucks, so you start going over your list and making some kind of plan to at least get you through the rest of the day. A few hours pass and you sit back and try to think about new ways to spend your free time. T be the same thing as if I had a real job. You spend the rest of your time in the computer room planning for tomorrow.

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