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You know, its funny, I never really thought about Brad in that way. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought that I must be so ugly, I must look like a freak. It was the only explanation why I couldnt get a man. The other stars seemed to find nothing offensive in your story and laughed. You go on, the other stars are all drinking, and you decide that your story is worth telling in public, so you go on to say it was when I first saw Brad that I realized I had long hair. The other stars seemed to be in high spirits and enjoyed hearing your story, with some even adding a few questions or making comments. You have really impressed me, you realize you have done, they all ask. You have impressed the whole company, and you have earned a gift certificate to the local bar. You are feeling good, and you know you probably had a good time. You feel like you can speak to anyone, the stars seemed to think so too. The last star of the night is the star you were looking for. John, do you like Brads music. Well I guess I like some of it, but I dont know the lyrics. It would take too much time, and then I probably wont get home. The bar and everyone else is very receptive to your story, and by the end of it, you will have made an interesting friend. But you dont know how your night will go. You head back towards your hotel room. All of you are exhausted, and everyone else is too. The Road Trip Part Two: The RoadYou and the group are going to sleep now, and everyone is waiting expectantly for you. You have to meet up with the band at an agreed on destination. Some of you go to the local bar, while others head off to your homes. John, youve done quite well this evening, You say, to your friend. I mean, it wasnt an easy ride, but Im pretty.

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