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You cant help but smile, as you walk over to her. Her dress is tight on her, and you can see just how wet she probably is. You feel like a sleazebag as you run your fingers through her hair. As you continue to stare at her, she leans forward and whispers in your ear. She then pushes you forward and the two of you enter the dressing room together. You enter the dressing roomYou go into the dressing room, before you feel something on your back. Suddenly, a strong smell hits your nose. This one isnt unpleasant, just a strong scent. Suddenly, your eyes roll up into your head and start burning. You begin to go into seizures or possibly even lose muscle control or something. At that point, you know exactly what will happen if you dont change. The smell of the dress on your face will drive you to your death. You press yourself against the wall, as you try to block out the smell of your own rotting flesh. A voice from deep within your mind is heard. Dont change your mind, you have no life left to liveYou do not like the fact you are being so cruel to yourself to make that statement. It feels like you just committed suicide. You look up at the voice, and find yourself back in the dressing room. You quickly move your hand, as if your mind were trying to block it out, but you cannot touch the room, but you can feel yourself in your mind. Youre a very stubborn soul, you will keep turning yourself into nothing but dust. You feel a chill go down your spine. You feel your mind screaming at you. You scream back at it: Go, get out. But that will change soon enoughSo, you come in to buy one of my games and you have one of those you stink looks. I bet this is the same lady that is always giving you shit about something You say as you walk into the shop. Krystilia looks at you, as you look at her. This makes you smile a bit, because that looks like the look of.

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