Wouldnt a Beauty and the Beast-themed promposal be so magical…

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On Saturday, Octo, you, your date and some other friends and family will be leaving your home in Rohn, CA, for a week long trip to Joshua Tree National Park. Ll need everything to pull off this thing. Ll be in deep shit when getting back home. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you feel about yourself there is not a single national or even local news outlet in your hometown to do a story on you and your boyfriend getting married. T even counting the local paper, the Daily Record, which you know a lot of family members read, or the internet. To top it all off, your high school newspaper ran an article on you two getting married, but then removed all mention of the wedding date and it was posted without your photo. T be as negative as the headline would make it seem. T be hard to track down even in small towns. T have it, neither can your family, so you decide to just keep it low key on this one. D rather not see the actual wedding pictures and you think they should be shown in the family room at home instead, then that will be fine. Ll need some good photos, so you decide.

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