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You look over the screen and see a woman dressed in a black jumpsuit standing on top of a ladder with a large piece of metal pole in her hands. She holds a small key to the door of the cell where you are. But I thought I was being taken to a place of rehabilitation for my kind. Re the first one to survive the test, and as such will be the first one to be tested. T make another man fall in love with him. T you mean a man has to make a woman fall in love with him. Re still trying to wrap your head around this when the woman on the ladder begins to lower you down. The woman releases you only to quickly return to the top of the ladder and help you drop down to the ground. Re on the ground you look around with a start and see the door open and a hooded figure looking down at you. Ve gotten this far in your life or not. Is all you utter before the figure closes the door and locks it, locking you in. Which you sort of assumed would happen, You think about calling out for help, but you doubt if anyone would come, especially not anyone that dressed like this without any apparent distinguishing features. The whole thing is very, very strange however. T know if you need to just continue to be helpless and weak or if there is some way you can do something about this.

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