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Iu2019ll take a look before weu2019re taken back to Earth. Weu2019re going to be back to normal as weu2019ll be gathered in, there, to rebuild the future. I might even be able to do that right away. You look at the rest of your crew and see them staring at you. You can see their fear on their faces. T need to look, but if you feel uncomfortable, leave right now. You hear them screaming in terror, and soon, the noise of the shaking subsides as the Earth itself finally comes into view. You say and the door slides open, as it continues to slowly close behind you. You continue your walk back to the command pod where you find yourself in a different place. T in a command pod, but instead, inside an ancient spaceship in an area completely different from the one where you saw the dead Earth. Ve never seen anything like these before. You then turn around and look back into the pod, and there, on the other side is your old friend. Re not going to come out are you. M glad you made this decision Suzy. The droid slowly walks out of the pod and disappears, leaving you alone. You never knew your planet was so cold.

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