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As I remember, the first-generation immigrants that were coming here were mostly, a bunch of angry, anti-Semitic, angry people that had been oppressed. S first term which was marked by the economic recession and the rise of Donald Trump. Natalie Portman and Paul Rudd are the co-stars of the new film Ant-Man and Wasp. Ve been really frustrated by the way certain people have reacted to Trump. S more that unites us than divides us. Natalie then explains that Trump is a President that seems to want to make America great again. We need more than just slogans. We need to actually help each other. T like just whining on the internet anymore. T think he understands that WE the people are the only ones that count. WE the people are the ones that get to make this country what it should be. Sigh, I wish we could take that message to those on the other side of the aisle. M not going to waste my time trying to find people who agree with me. I mean the first thing I do is I go on the internet. I just do what the internet tells me to do. So what do you and your fellow Wobblies do. We go out and we meet people, and we argue as much as we can.

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