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You leave the shop and leave the streetYou follow your daughter into the town centre. The crowd has thinned but the traffic is heavy and moving. The voice cries again, Where did you run off to so late at night. You turn, and wave a hand, A friend of a friend told me I could go to the cinema, I didnt think I would need it so late but I did so there it is. You head to the cinemaYou head down into the basement and find the cinema entrance. You check the time on your watch to make sure it doesnt matter, you still have enough time to get there before everyone else. You head outsideYou head out the front door, past the shops in the middle of the road and you are off. The street is empty and busy as you run towards the cinema building. A quick glance around you, you see a row of cars blocking the road and another row farther down the street. An old man in a blue jacket and a plaid jacket with white buttons strides purposefully along one of the rows. He doesnt say anything as you approach, instead he watches you with a small smirk on his face. His eyes seem to reflect the darkness of the cars, their white lights giving a bit of contrast. You pause under the row of stopped cars and look back down the street, but there is nowhere to run, everyone is staring at that one man. He can see your face and you dont want to be there right now. You turn and run for itYou stop, as if some force is pushing you. His eyes are just as dark as the rest of the lights in the cars. His face appears to be holding a piece of a puzzle inside them but you cant make out what it is. A loud honk is heard as the cars speed up and speed up as they move down the road. You dont have time to do anything now and before you know it, the cars are barreling through the blockage, smashing both of the men together. The cars slam you against the car alongside Henry, the other cars screech to a halt and the people in them start screaming at you, some pulling out their own knives. You take the man who has saved you and kiss himYou take the man who has saved you and kiss him, as the men of the car pull back they shout What the fuck are you doing. Henry grabs you and kisses you deeply, you pull back and cry out Ill be OK, run.

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