With Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad…

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Belle says and hugs Emma who embraces Belle in response. While the group leaves, you decide to wait a few more minutes and see if anything happens when in fact you find out what happened. Two guards come in with a couple more people. One of them looks like a man with a beard and a long coat and another one looks like a man with a leather jacket. Alright, everyone keep your weapons inside. They got us locked up just like that. We were taking pictures of Emma and the Beast. S not like they did anything wrong. Oh sure, we had to take them all the way back to the city. We got a whole truckload of film though. The guards start shoving everyone even the couple of women that were trying to take their pictures with them. T think your big moment was going to be ruined by a couple of bumbling guards, did you. T think that when you decided to dress up as a redneck and run out into that abandoned amusement park dressed in drag. T even get me started on the boots, maybe take those off too. These pictures are more important than anything in this world right now. Ve become symbols of hope for the LGBTQ community because of you.

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