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In fact, in the past few days, theres been a lot. You sit there for a moment, unable to process all of this. Youve never even heard of the word celebrity before and you dont really know how to put this into words. In fact, youre not even sure if this is even happening. Then reality sets in, you start shaking and sweating and you just. You sigh, and then start to laugh the whole time. You find yourself in a very different world, much different from the one you lived in. In most parts of the world, governments have been replaced with Corporations or Organizations that have taken power. The people are just servants of these organizations, usually living a life of servitude and living a life not unlike what your parents lived. In some places, the Corporations and Organizations rule with an iron fist and in other places, the people live in a more. Some of the Corporations and Organizations that have taken power are ones that are well respected like the Military, Agriculture, Health Care, Technology, and the list goes on. Its also worth noting that in the beginning, these Corporations and Organizations were formed to serve the people, but as time went on, they started to take for themselves more. Eventually, they took over more and more, until theyre now in full control. No one dares to question, no one dares to revolt. People dont have to work for a living anymore, they do whatever they want, whenever they want, and if they get caught, they get the electric chair. And if they havent gotten the electric chair by their thirties, they get a slow death by starvation. The Corporations and Organizations see this Socialism as the way of the future.

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