With each step, the heat of passion of love and excitement only …

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You hear a click, as it opens up the door. Looking in, you see the gargoyle outside standing there, which gives you a moment to take in the situation. Hello, youre here to meet me at the palace. You notice it has a metal head, with a bulbous nose and thin teeth. The rest of it is mostly white, with a few black spots on it. Its face is a mask of sharp teeth, and two more, smaller, glowing eyes. Its a pleasure to meet you; I am Queen Anne Exton. I also want you to know that Im the best owner of a statue that could ever exist, because Im always honest, Im always going to be the best in everything I do and Im always going to be your owner forever. Huh, Im sorry about my earlier behavior, I just, uh, woke up during the night. The only one with the power in the land and, uh, in time, you too, youll all be in a better place. Thank you for trusting me enough to let me take a statue that could become a big problem, because thats what this could become, but never will be for me. The gargoyle looks at you for a moment as if considering what it should say next. You continue to say your goodbyes, but the gargoyle takes the opportunity to attack. You say, trying to keep your cool despite the situation. The gargoyle says quickly, and opens up the door. You walk in, while the gargoyle looks at you for a moment. It doesnt say anything, it just stands there. You step inside, and the door shuts shut, closing the door. The gargoyle says, pointing to a chair right in front of you. The gargoyle then lifts up the left corner of the chair and places its fingers under the back of your neck.

This article about Beauty poems