Why Lindsay Lohan Preferred Cady's Later 'Mean Girls' Costumes

Lindsay Lohan is back on the pop culture scene, after retreating from the spotlight for a number of years. With a new Netflix deal and a new lease on life, Lohan is clearly a force to be reckoned with once again.

For many fashion fans of a certain age, Lohan’s early 2000s looks were iconic—and in a recent video interview with Vogue, the star opened up about some of her favorite fashion moments. She also dished on some of the clothes that she wore in the beloved 2004 movie Mean Girls, revealing her favorite Cady Heron moments. 

Lindsay Lohan opened up about her fashion in ‘Mean Girls’

In an April 7 interview with Vogue, Lohan talked about her life in looks—with an emphasis on her Mean Girls fashion. As homeschooler Cady Heron, who moves from Africa to Illinois, Lohan’s outfits ran the gamut from super-stylish to very low key.

As Lohan revealed in the video, “I remember doing the fittings for ‘Mean Girls’ and I would just, I would get really excited to wear the skirts and kind of dress more girly, but then I felt really relieved when I played Cady just coming fresh out of Africa because I got to chill and be more relaxed.”

Lohan went on to joke that her castmates were “jealous” of her low-key wardrobe when she got to play Cady – and noted that originally, she was in the running to play Regina in Mean Girls, but that the director convinced her that the role of Cady was the one for her. 

Lindsay Lohan was a teen icon in the early 2000s

Much like Cady Heron, Lohan’s time in the spotlight was marked by many high-fashion moments. Lohan first entered Hollywood as a child and became famous for her role in the popular 1998 film The Parent Trap. Her first red carpets featured the young girl wearing age-appropriate dresses, simple hairstyles, and bright nail polish.

By the time she was cast in Mean Girls, Lohan was a teenager—and ready to make a splash. Having just appeared in the family comedy Freaky Friday, Lohan had recently debuted a punk-rock look, with bright blonde locks and low-slung jeans, and Mean Girls allowed her the opportunity to show off yet another facet of her personality. As Cady, after she enrolls in North Shore High School, Lohan was able to wear some of the year’s most feminine, stylish looks. 

‘Mean Girls’ is a movie that had an indelible effect on the world of fashion

Post-Mean Girls, Lohan enjoyed some of her most iconic fashion moments to date. Not only did the actor land more high-profile roles, ones that focused on her status as a tabloid “it girl,” but she was often seen in the company of other big stars like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

A few of Lohan’s best looks around this time include the iconic Juicy Couture tracksuits, in colors like blue and baby pink, vintage miniskirts with matching hoop earrings—and, of course, low-rise jeans with tight tops and coordinated jewelry. 

According to Vanity Fair, the effect that Mean Girls had on the world of fashion is immeasurable, spawning dozens of look-alike ensembles as well as one very quotable line: “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” While Lohan is firmly focused on the future these days, with new projects in the works, she still clearly appreciates her past, and the movies that she’s been associated with. Lohan fans will certainly be able to count on lots of fabulous fashion in the days to come.

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