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The opinions seem to indicate that the more fame the less stability. I wonder if that means that celebrities who are famous for years seem to be in more stable relationships with each other and less with new people, but then so are politicians and writers and lawyers and policemen and truck drivers and everyone else. And it is very difficult to be famous even if you are talented. They say there are two kinds of people in this world, those who have talent and those who dont. If someone doesnt have talent then they are probably not going to survive long in this world. At any rate, this guy and I have been friends a long time, not just friends, but best friends. I have grown to respect him immensely, even though he has his flaws, and Ive learned to love him for them. I think that is the most important thing to know about any relationship. All my love,CeciliaDear Cecilia,I understand your point of view, particularly because I too have been married to another person now for a long time. The only thing that really surprised me is that youve managed to maintain your friendship with your husband. I think what keeps it all together for you is that hes seen you both for who you are. That is, I take it he can be a bit of a dork at times, but hes probably done a good job of hiding that from the public. That famous celebrity who broke up with his girlfriend just so he could have his own show on TLC isnt an example of being seen for who you are. And the rest of the celebrities with high divorce rates youre talking about are just like him. Theyve not been seen as successful; theyve been seen as failed. Because as you said, celebrities and their fans want instant gratification, and that instant gratification is happiness and fulfillment. That famous celebrity who is seen to have broken up with his girlfriend over money is also seen as a failure. Because it looks like he didnt have enough respect for her. Why didnt he just treat her as an equal partner. Its not because hes weak, its because he had too much respect for her. Its the same reason why most guys dont see women they think are pretty as girlfriends. They think that once they have sex with them, they have a relationship with them. Not with enough respect, but with too much. Women, in general, are seen as objects to be used and discarded, but the guy with the famous celebrity divorce is the one thats seen as a weakling, because hes seen as a loser who couldnt see his relationship with his girlfriend for what its worth.

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