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Sigh, The only thing that is somewhat reassuring about all this are the comments underneath your Facebook post. Apparently you are not the only one who finds the idea of the Left using their power to shut down the right to be a little depressing. Some Assembly members want to go even further by banning guns from courthouses.

In other words, we are all conspiracy theorists. In fact I want to go see that one again. T need to see all of them again. The one you like will do just fine. You turn to leave and are interrupted by your sister who has walked up behind you. Re not going to see the movie or go to the party, are you. T believe you for one moment Suzy. With those words, you make your way to your room. Ve accomplished your goal of going out without incident. T let any potential issues get in the way of that. You do eventually get dressed and head to your room.

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