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The only difference between the two stories is the prince and princess in both stories are lost boys, lost and alone. Its a sad story, but in many ways its an even sadder one. The princeprincess in Sleeping Beauty are the only princesprincess in the stories that have survived the story. I believe that Sleeping Beauty will be the last princeprincess story that will be told and the last Prince Phillip story that will be told. The brothers Grimms version of Sleeping Beauty is the last princeprincess story that will be told. There were other versions of the Sleeping Beauty story that predated the brothers Grimms version. There were probably other versions made by other peopleauthors. A lot of people believe that there might be a princeprincess fairy tale that predates the brothers Grimm tales and its a good one, if thats even the right wordOh, I have heard of that story. It was a little book called Mary Poppins by Rudyard Kipling. There might be another Anne of Green Gables story out there that is older than the brothers Grimm tales. Wait, why do you say why do you say. Ive never heard that story and I dont remember hearing any other AnnaElsaPrince Phillip fairy tale stories. Ive always heard the Prince Phillip story by and about that name. I just remembered that Ive heard about this original version of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. Because those stories are written in whats called the SLEEPING BEAUTY CHRONICLE by Charles Perrault. Those stories are the oldest tales that can be found of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip. So it is by the brothers Grimms version of a story by the French author. And because theyre older and more famous than the brothers Grimm, I thought it was by the French author. Then I suppose what makes you question it all. It was written by Charles Perrault, and you just assumed because you know who Charles Perrault is. Well if it is by Perrault then it isnt by Charles Perrault, then. Well, youll have to tell me who the original author is. The story was written by Charles Perrault and was in his SLEEPING BEAUTY CHRONICLE.

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